AFS France 2003 – 07.03.2003

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Hey everyone!

Its been a fun time so far, haven’t been in France a week yet but its been a blast!!!! Thursday last week was orientation stuff, boring, although everyone is sooo nice, the whole group of Americans, we all got a long really well.

Friday we arrived in Paris, but saw very little of the city, I did see the top of the Eiffel tower, but that’s all, didn’t see much cause of national gay pride or something to that extent. Sunday we were shipped off on a train to our families, my family is awesome!!!!

Sunday there was also a picnic for the AFS students, honor the year students who are leaving soon, and welcome me and Dana (another summer person). It was fun!

I met Explodie, the horse; poor thing had half its tail chopped off.

Monday we went to school with my host mom, the kids were about 2nd grade I think, prolly the most draining day ever, lots of kids speaking to you in a language you hardly understand!

Oh well, the last two days have been relaxing, just chillin, etc. If it gets nice today we might go to the pool, yay! Lol

À bientôt,

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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