AFS France 2003 – 07.10.2003

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Weee I’m excited for tonight, tonight Julie and some of her friends are taking me to a disco-tech !!!!!!!! Yay!

Yesterday a bunch of Julie’s friends came over to celebrate her bday, which was in May, we played monopoly. At first it was frustrating really frustrating when everyone came cause they all talked so fast, but when monopoly started I stopped concentrating so much on what everyone was saying and I understood a lil more.

The monopoly game was in Francs, so not only was I attempting to read the cards in another language as well as figure out all the places on the board; I was playing with money I didn’t quite understand. But once I caught on it was okay. The money was a lot higher then in dollars. Which made it even harder and in the end, I pulled through, as the stupid petit American won the game!!!!!!!!! Go me! lol!

Saturday we leave for the south of France!!!! Im reallllllly excited! It’s gonna be lots and lots of fun! Well I want to send some emails now, and I’m actually typing this offline so yea; I guess I need to get online, hehe.

À bientôt,
(Le Petit American)

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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