Back on Track With Clean Eating & A Good Workout

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While there is nothing I love more than time with family, this weekend grabbed me away from any form of healthy eating so it was time to get back on track last night! (For the record, it’s Wednesday and I still feel like shit after the way I’ve eaten the past few days!). Yesterday morning was a long one. Between a frustrated toddler, a traveling family member & just a flat out exhausted me (who hadn’t run since Sunday) I had a complete breakdown in the middle of my kitchen floor. It’s been awhile since that has happened.

It Was Time To Get Back On Track…


I got into work and did my quick Facebook check & noticed that Run The Edge had posted this quote…

run-the-edge-quote“Running can be anything you need it to be, big or small. It an help you beat addiction or disease. It can burn off five or 10 or 50 pounds and change your life. Or in the time it takes to watch a few YouTube clips, it can clear the cobwebs in your head, give you a shot of endorphins, and salvage a forgettable day.”

There couldn’t have been a better quote to describe how I felt at that exact moment. It was exactly what I needed & the reminder that a good run was needed to clear everything up. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life but there are days when a run is the exact fix I need to clear my head.

It’s funny, six months ago I would’ve laughed if you would’ve told me that I would say that.

I decided to hit up the gym and do a long treadmill run. I told myself 7 miles was the goal. Of course as I got going I decided that I wanted to run 12k (so the line didn’t stop in between the 1k & the 2k. Don’t ask, I’m weird).

7 Mile Treadmill Run

It turns out, there is something I was unaware that the treadmill was programmed to do. After an hour it automatically goes into cool down mode. So while I was cruising at 7.0mph the treadmill decided It wanted to be on 4.8. I quickly bumped it back up but sure enough another minute went by and it went down. I kept pushing it until I hit 7.5 miles and finally called it a night.

Damn that felt good. It was exactly what I needed to set me back on track.

Next time I know, no more than an hour long run on the treadmill.

While we’re talking workout, I’ve quietly been doing a few 30 day challenges in the background. I officially completed the 30 day plank challenge and the 30 day crunch challenge. My coworkers and I are working our way through pushups, planks (again) & easy squats as well!

What running quote makes your day happier?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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