Happy Trails 5k Race – Wildwood Metroparks

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I am visiting with family for the weekend and my mom suggested signing up for the Happy Trails 5k race while I was in town. I ran cross country in high school and we used to spend our summers running the trails at Wildwood Metropark, so it sounded like a fun idea to hit up the trails again.

So Much Love For The Happy Trails 5k

At the start of the race there was no “on your mark…” they just said “runners line up” & off went the gun! I shared a laugh with the lady next to me as we wiggled our way to the front.

Happy Trails 5k Race

This race felt awesome. If I can make it next year I will definitely be back. I have not done a trail race (or running for that matter) in years and heading back to my roots with the Happy Trails 5k was awesome. One thing I never considered going into it was how much harder it would be to pass people as we went through the trails all together. The first mile was on more opened ground so it was easy to set the pace and get settled.

Once we got onto some of the more narrow trails it got interesting.

First things first, I forgot that trees just pop out of nowhere on trails.

Second, I found myself slowing down from time to time to wait until a good moment to pass. No good! Next year I will have to come up with a slightly better plan for this.

Overall it felt so nice to be back on these trails at Wildwood. The weather was perfect (60 degrees), the trails were dry & there was the right amount of sun/shade.

Going into this race my goal was to stay around 26:30. I really wanted a timed/bigger race to try and accomplish my goal in and I definitely did it!

My official time was 26:09 and I finished 4th in my age group & 39th in the females. There were over 600 runners so it felt pretty awesome.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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