Bare Naked Boppy Pillow

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One of the very first products we used when my son was born was the Bare Naked Boppy Pillow. I had made the decision to try breastfeeding and one of the most recommended pillows was the Bare Naked Boppy Pillow. There are a number of different “off-shoots” of the Bare Naked Boppy (Mombo, My Brest Friend, Cuddle-U) but not really knowing any better I decided to stick with the Original Boppy and I am so glad I did.

Bare Naked Boppy

As with anything you need for a baby, it needed to be washable. After a few poop incidents and countless spit-up incidents our Boppy has been through the wash 4 or 5 times (and my son is only 6 weeks old). It has held it’s shape and just takes one turn through the washer and dryer unlike some thicker things that take forever to dry.

We have two different slipcovers for our Boppy to offset some of the spit-up incidents and keep the pillow fairly protected. The Jacks Cotton Slipcover & the Boppy Comfy Jersey Slipcover get rotated out as needed. I prefer the Jersey Slipcover but I personally love the feel of a jersey fabric over a cotton fabric any day!

One of the best things about the Original Boppy Pillow is that it is not too bulky. A number of the other nursing pillows we looked at were taller and I feel would have been really hard to manage that and a growing baby as he got bigger. It condense well and was not in the way when we were at the hospital. My husband even used it as a pillow one night at the hospital and wanted one for himself!

Another use I found for the Boppy which I do not believe they really advertise it as was a seat for myself in the immediate days after labor. Our hospital did not really offer any “doughnut” pillow or anything to offset the firmness of a hospital bed. I finally gave up and sat on my Boppy when we weren’t feeding and it was a lot more comfortable than anything the hospital had to offer!

My son is not old enough to use the Boppy for tummy time or sitting up but I know as soon as we do there may have to be a second Boppy pillow in our life!

The Rundown:

– Rating: 10/10
– How Often Do We Use: 7-8 times a day
– Would We Recommend: Hands down, YES!
– Where to Buy*: Amazon ($29.89) | Babies “R” Us ($29.99) | Boppy ($31.99) | Buy Buy Baby ($29.99) | Target ($29.99)

*Please note, all prices are as of date of this post, they are subject to vary.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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