Mitered Square Blanket… Finally Finished

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Once upon a time… I decided I liked knitting blankets (insert laughing noise here). I often read other knitting blogs and the “Madness” on January One’s blog caught my attention. (Note the date, 2007). In my mind I thought “oh I could knit this mitered square blanket… no problem… it will be good mindless knitting…”

Mitered Square Blanket

Finally in May of 2009, I started knitting the mitered square blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitter’s Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, Jokes, and Pictures. My goal was to knit the mitered square blanket out of Cascade 220. At some points throughout the project I considered doing 16 or 20 squares, but I knew I would get to 12 and see where it would go from there. I ordered enough yarn for the 12 from Web’s anniversary sale in 2009 and got going.

At one point I could tell you all of the colors of Cascade 220 I was going to use…. half of them are currently missing tags and may or may not have gotten used along the way. I do know that they all are Cascade 220… color wise, sorry I did a horrible job keeping track.

Somewhere in 2009 or 2010 I gave up. I got distracted by other pretty knitting things and walked away from the blanket.

For the last 3 years, I kept saying “I will finish this blanket by the end of the year.” I pick up and knit a few little mitered squares and back to the yarn closet it goes.

A few weeks ago, while knitting with my friend Laura we were talking about knitting through stash and finishing up old unfinished objects. She is MUCH better at the using stash thing then I am and the mitered square blanket came up. I mentioned that, once again I wanted to finish it this year and she laughed and said it will never get done. I told her she was probably right but I was going to pull it out of the closet anyways.

I pulled the squares out of the closet and took a look… 11 completely finished squares, yarn wound up for 1 more square. Shock, it was almost done! I knit up the last four miters and started the “putting the blanket together process.”

Last night while IU ‘upset’ Michigan I crocheted together the last squares! It’s OFFICIALLY DONE!

Mitered Square Blanket


Somewhere along the line I realized, I am not a blanket knitter. No matter how hard I want to believe that I love knitting blankets, they will take years on end to finish. I will stick to socks, hats, fingerless mitts… things that I know I will finish.

Mitered Square Blanket

I love having a pretty new blanket to cuddle under, don’t get me wrong. I am loving the finished object. Knitting the squares wasn’t really that bad either. I just ran out of steam with them.

Mitered Square Blanket


Wrigley and I have already taken two naps with our new blanket. It is now blocking on the floor to straighten out some of the center joins. The edges roll a little bit and at one point I considered adding a border, but I like the unevenness of the squares being joined together.

I also considered pulling out another UFO to finish from deep in the stash… but then I decided to start a Mystery Sock Knit Along from Lala Knits.

Happy Superbowl 🙂

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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