Best Headbands for Running or Working Out

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Headbands for Working OutWhen I started running/working out (almost) every day last year it took me a bit to figure out what workout clothes I loved. Once I settled on clothes I ran into another problem… hair.

I have very thick and frizzy hair and apparently a larger than normal head. On any given day if the humidity is above 50% there is a good chance my hair looks like I haven’t brushed it in days. Most of the summer I keep my hair back in a pony tail but while running the little frizzies started to annoy me no matter what I tried to do with them. I went on a hunt for the perfect headband to wear while running or working out…. here is what I tried and here are my findings over the last year.

Goody StayPut Headband

The Goody StayPut Headbands were the first headbands I tried simply because they were cheap at Walgreens.

Price: $8.99
Love: These definitely stayed in place!
Hate: In the end they were way too tight. I was finishing a workout with a really bad headache and an indent in my head.
Rating: 4/10

Studio 35 Soft Headband

After the StayPut headbands turned into a pain (literally) I decided to try a cloth headband that might fit my head a little bit better. The Studio 35 Headbands had some fun colors and looked like they would fit pretty well. I washed these headbands after each use and they have held up for more than a year.

Price: $3.39
Love: These fit so well and were very comfortable, not too tight at all! They also come in a variety of colors and you cannot beat the price.
Hate: They slip a little bit and are a little to skinny for some of my frizzies that seemed to slip through into my face still.
Rating: 6/10

Scunci Effortless Beauty Headbands Assorted Colors

Still trying out the “cheaper headbands” I decided to pick up a pack of the Scunchi Effortless Beauty Headbands. Hey, they say effortless so why not? I washed these headbands after each use and they have held up for more than a year.

Price: $6.99
Love: These fit great and are comfortable! They also come in a variety of colors that I can match to different workout tops. Yes, I am that person that has to match even when I’m running alone in the basement!
Hate: There still is a little slip (I find this to be worse the more I sweat) with these but not too bad compared to some others I tried.
Rating: 8/10

Under Armour 4 Pack Graphic Elastic Headband

Last year I was gifted a pack of the Under Armour Graphic Elastic Headbands. The pack I got included pink, black and white and had headbands of various widths.

Price: $14.99
Love: These do not move at all! They stay in place and have even done a good job of holding the frizzies back!
Hate: Unfortunately these are still a little tight. I did figure out that if I leave some of them stretched out a bit between two dresser handles it seems to fit better the next time I wear them and over time they have loosened up a bit.
Rating: 7/10

A Princess Never Sweats – Ribbon Crowns

A few people who I follow on Instagram had posted about headbands from A Princess Never Sweats so I decided to give them a try. I ordered two of their Ribbon Crowns but need to put in an order for a few other styles too. I washed these headbands after each use and they have held up for more than a year.

Price: $6.50
Love: The back of the headbands have a velvet type fabric that keeps the headband in place. This actually became my go to headband for the most part for running. They come in a number of different fabrics/colors so you can get one to match each set of workout clothes.
Hate: The fact that I only have two! These do need to be washed after each use (if your hair gets sweaty like mine does) but they hold up great even after lots of cycles through the washing machine.
Rating: 9/10

Bondi Band

A number of runners I follow have posted about Bondi Band & there are a number of places I’ve seen them sold over the last few months. At the Glass City Marathon they had a booth so I decided to pick up 3 of them.

Price: 3 for $20
Love: The fabrics are awesome and there is hundreds of colors/patterns to choose from. One of my favorite ones I got says “Therapy in Session” on it.
Hate: These slip all over the place. Maybe I’m not wearing it right (I tend to wear it just past my hair line) but I found that I adjust this headband more than any other ones I’ve bought. I want to like it, I just feel like they’re better for working around the house where I can adjust it as needed vs. running where it becomes more of a hassle.
Rating: 5/10

Overall I have not found a headband that is 100% perfect, but at the same time I don’t know if that exists.

Do you have a headband you like? Does it hold in the frizzies? Comment Below With Your Favorite!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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