Plum Lucky Between The Plums Book #3 By Janet Evanovich

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Plum LuckyWhile I’m not as big of a fan of the Between the Plum series, the second half of this book had me cracking up for almost an hour straight. From a leprechaun who thought he was invisible to talking horses Plum Lucky was definitely on the unique side. I’m not a huge fan of Diesel so I wasn’t exactly thrilled that he was back, granted I’m taking a guess that we’ll see him in Plum Spooky as well so I’m trying to look on the bright side with him.

After seeing Grandma Muzar dragging a duffel bag down the street on St. Patrick’s Day (and then get attacked by a leprechaun while dragging it), Stephanie tries to convince herself it’s just another day in Trenton. Little did she know, her mother was in the middle of a panic attack because a few hours later Grandma went missing. Diesel pops back into Stephanie’s kitchen while Morelli is working a triple shift.

Diesel is trying to hunt down a man named Snuggy while Stephanie is trying to hunt down Grandma. As luck would have it, they both wound up in Atlantic City. It turns out, the duffel bag Grandma was carrying was filled with money that Snuggy had stolen in an attempt to help pay for his horses medical expenses. Stephanie finds Grandma gambling on her “lucky day” and attempts to convince her to come home.

Diesel was smiling at Grandma. “You blew through almost two hundred thousand and you were playing dollar slots? That’s impressive.”
“Especially since some of that time I was winning,” Grandma said.
“Twelve dollars?”
“Yep. I was on a roll.”
Janet Evanovich

After figuring out a plan with the money, Grandma disappears again. This time she is kidnapped by the original money thief’s and they have the horse too.

Between naked leprechauns & men cursed to look like toads, Janet Evanovich’s creative side truly came out in this Between the Plum book. It started out slow, but the second half was great.

Overall Plum Lucky has been my favorite of the Between the Plum books, but it still does not top the regular series. It is hard to remember that it is a second series of it’s own so some of the main characters (ie: Ranger, Morelli, etc) don’t play a major role in these books. Diesel takes the part of leading man in the book and for some reason he is just not my favorite. If nothing else, this is a good hold over while I wait for Fearless Fourteen to come in at the library!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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