Book Review: Sweet Texas Series by Candis Terry

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One of my big goals (I will not use the term resolution) of 2015 is to read more. My old kindle 2 was biting the dust and out of frustration with it over the last few months I’d not done much reading. For Christmas I got a new Kindle and was ready to kick off a year of reading a whole lot more.

A friend of mine posted about a reading challenge group so I decided to jump at the challenge. Will I meet it? Probably not. If nothing it’s giving me a good guide at getting out of my comfort zone.

When it comes to reading I lean towards the free kindle books or cheesy romance novels, hey I’m not afraid to admit it. A lot of times I find the free kindle books to be disappointing but every once and awhile they get me hooked.

The Sweet Texas book series covered both of those categories. Book 2 was a free Kindle book sometime recently and I decided to give it a shot.

For starters, I didn’t realize this was a book series when I first read it. It wasn’t until the end of Sweetest Mistake (Sweet, Texas Book 2) that it was the second book in the series. As I mentioned, it was a free kindle book so I just went with it.

I’ll actually go through the books in order, even though I didn’t read them that way!

Anything But Sweet (Sweet, Texas Book 1)

This book follows Charlotte Brooks (Charli) & Reno Wilder as they venture through 6 weeks of a reality TV show. Sweet, Texas is a small down where Reno Wilder has grown up &  spent most of his life. Charli is the designer on a reality TV show that takes small towns and gives them “upgrades”. Reno is against the upgrades & does not want to see his town change from what he’s known and loved.

As their love story plays out you get to learn a lot about both characters, their flaws, their family and as a bonus you fall in love with the town of Sweet, Texas. I won’t lie, it kind of makes you want to go live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. (Don’t worry, you’ll snap out of the want, very quickly).

The book is a fairly quick and easy read. For the most part it kept my attention and never got to a point where it made me feel like not picking it back up the next time I was reading. It followed a typical pattern of a cheesy romance novel but Candis Terry did a great job keeping readers attention with introducing new characters and plot lines.

I already sort of knew the ending (as it was mentioned in book 2), so it wasn’t a surprise for me. Yet, I still was able to connect with the characters and was excited to see how it ends up.

Sweetest Mistake (Sweet, Texas Book 2)

This was the first book I read (on accident of the series) but I can honestly say that it was the book that got me hooked!

Sweetest Mistake follows the love story of Abby & Jackson. They’ve been best friends since they were kids, they have a “romantic” past but neither of them have ever been able to admit their true feelings.

The book follows the ups and downs as everyone in Sweet, Texas tries to help Abby and Jackson see what they’ve been too stubborn to admit.

Not only do you fall in love with Abby in this book, but Jackson’s daughter Izzy makes more than one appearance and you can’t help but hear her little voice as you read through the book.

Out of the three books, this one was hands down my favorite!

Something Sweeter (Sweet, Texas Book 3)

Jesse Wilder is the playboy of Sweet, Texas but those who truly know him know that most of the stories are false. His playboy attitude gives him a reputation but buried behind it is a quiet guy who is holding in the biggest secret of his life. Along comes Allison Lane, his mother’s fiance’s daughter (only to be related by their parent’s marriage). Something Sweeter takes readers through the back and forth love story of Jesse & Allison.

Allison was the first character in these three books that I could really relate to in some ways. For the most part she and I were nothing alike, but I always feel like I can relate to characters who share a similar interest. Allison kept a blog about her life and it sort of tied together throughout the whole novel. I always love reading about bloggers and seeing how their blogs play into their every day lives, especially like in Allison’s case where the blog remains anonymous!

While the book follows along the typical love story theme, about 60% of the way through the book, Jesse drops some big news on his older brother Reno. It was the first time in these books that I felt like there was a huge plot twist that you truly didn’t see coming. I think it fit really well with the theme of the book and answered a few more questions about the oldest Wilder, Jared. I really enjoyed the way that they used this to play out the rest of the story & even tie it into the end.

I did like how this book wrapped up but there is no question my favorite book & favorite couple are Abby and Jackson. I would highly recommend this series if anyone is looking for an easy read that brings them to a small town.  These books didn’t require a lot of thinking and were great to pick up and put down as I had time.

While these three books wrap up the Wilder boy’s series (as far as I know) there is one more book in the series (Sweet Cowboy Christmas) available one new one coming January 27th (Sweet Surprise) in the Sweet Texas series. I really wouldn’t mind seeing a book come out about the 4th living Wilder boy, Jake.

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links but I am in no way associated with Candis Terry or this book series. All opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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