Cameron’s Stocking

When we were kids my grandma knit us all stockings that matched our parents. They were red, white and green and for the most part matched. Keeping in mind that a lot of them were knit at different times and with different types of yarn, they all followed the same general theme.

A few years ago my cousins and I reached that age where marriages started and kids joined the family. Despite not having my grandma around anymore I decided to take on the tradition.

For the last four years I’ve been knitting Christmas stockings as we add to our family.

Last year in the midst of chaos, I failed our newest family member Cameron.

Despite the fact that he is now a year old, Cameron will finally get his stocking today!

The Details:
Started: December 2011
Finished: December 9, 2012
Yarn: Red Heart
Needles: US Size 7
Pattern: Christmas Stocking by McCall Patternwork Company – McCall’s Needlework and Craft, Winter 1980

Cameron's Christmas Stocking

Sorry it took me so long Cam!

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  1. Hi, I sent a note last week, but am not sure if you got it. I would be happy to pay you for this pattern. I’ve made all of my families stockings from this patter and now can’t find it. I have a brand new grandson and want to make one for him. Thanks, Kaye

    1. Hi Kaye –
      I’m not sure if the pattern is still available or not. I have my grandma’s ripped out copy that I use to make our stockings. Have you tried a libray to see if they have old issues of McCalls?

        1. Hi Kristen, Could you chech your copy of this pattern? I found a copy of the 1980 McCalls winter craft magazine, on eBay, and the pattern isn’t in it. Thanks

          1. Hey Kaye-
            Honestly I just have ripped out pages. I believe I was looking for the style number and that’s how I associated it with that one.

            The style number for this pattern is: 3786P

            I’m not sure if that helps or not 🙁

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