One of Those Weeks…

Every have one of those weeks where you fully intend to knock 100 things off your to do list, yet as the week wraps up you still haven’t tackled two of them? That is my week this week.

At some point I had the brilliant idea to knit three coffee mug cozies for a few friends. That was scratched when I found this awesome idea of a chalkboard coffee mug. Needless to say, that didn’t work out. So, instead of coffee mug cozies I have nothing to share for my knitting this week.

The secret Christmas knitting is about four rows farther than last week, so there wasn’t much point of bringing it up again. My hitchhiker is about 2 points farther, than it was last week.

Impressive huh?

I blame my lack of knitting on the fact that in Northwest Indiana it currently gets dark around 4:00, so despite 7 hours in the car last weekend it was pretty hard to knit a lace pattern in the dark.

Unless the world ends tomorrow, I have a lot of knitting to finish in the next four days.

How is your Christmas knitting coming along?



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