Christmas Week Is Here

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Christmas week is here, we are officially just a few days away from Christmas and the countdown is on. Santa is getting his sleigh warmed up and turning on the heated seats. The cookies are baked, the exact schedule for the weeks is set, the ugly sweaters are ironed and laid out, the presents are neatly wrapped, Christmas dinner is ready to go and the Christmas carols are loud and clear. 

Just kidding.

Christmas Week To Do

What is really happening this Christmas week….

My to do list is growing longer instead of shorter. 

The last minute holiday shopping is in full force.

Let’s not even talk about the present wrapping (and re-wrapping thanks to having a toddler in the house) that needs to be done. 

New Christmas lights still seem to show up in every day. Who knows when our decorating will truly be done. Maybe by the Fourth of July. Then again, maybe not. That’s okay, it has been fun.

The menu hasn’t been planned for Christmas Eve. Well, scratch that. We have a general idea of what the menu will be. Dessert is mostly made. Dinner is planned to an extent, but there is a large trip to the grocery store that still needs to happen this week. 

I have yet to have a single peppermint mocha. It took until December 20th, to make this happen. It was worth the wait and I enjoyed every ounce of it. Now to cram as many in over the next few days as possible… 

Christmas cards are out (barely) on time. 

Straight No Chaser’s Christmas music is officially on repeat for just a few more days. 

Little man is beyond fired up for Santa to come and is still sticking with the request of a robo truck. Let’s just hope that doesn’t change in the next three days.

We got this. 

Maybe it will all get done. Maybe we won’t sleep for the rest of this week. Then again, I’m okay with that. 

This Christmas season has been a lot of fun with Little Man. Instead of getting things knocked off our to do list, we’ve been having Christmas music dance parties. We’ve been going around looking at Christmas lights, playing with “baby Jesus’ birthday” (aka his manger set), hanging up Christmas light after Christmas light, decorating (and re-decorating) the Christmas tree. 

Over the weekend we headed back to Ohio to visit with my mom and celebrate Christmas with her side of the family. I generally only get to see my cousins once or twice a year so it was a lot of fun to catch up with the ones who were there. We laughed about old times and caught up on our every day lives. 

I really wish we could do this more than once a year. 

I’m pretty sure the highlight of the weekend is thanks to my younger cousin. He dressed up as Santa and showed up with a bag full of presents. The kids had a blast and I’ll be honest, the adults did too. Instead of our traditional family photos, they quickly turned into family photos with Santa. 

We ate a lot of cookies, good food and plum pudding. It seems as though everyone brought a different kind of beer to share and that made for a fun time. We don’t live around them so most of the options were new to us and we were able to bring some that was local to us. The whiskey even started flowing at one point (or two). It was a wonderful time had by all!

Christmas week is going to be a busy one, but this has been one fun Christmas season. Bring on the to do list!

How is your Christmas to do list looking?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

Comments (14)

    1. Is it okay to continue having it on repeat? haha I Love thier music all year round!

  1. My list keeps going and going and going……I hope it all gets done, but who knows. Next year we will be better prepared (yeah right). lol Hope you have an amazing week!

    1. Haha every year I swear I will start in July…. Maybe 2016 is the year!

  2. I feel like my list is getting longer too!
    Especially since I am not going back to work after the 24th until the 30th so there’s lots to do.

    xoxo, Jenny

  3. I laugh at your list getting longer and longer because I can relate. But really, isn’t that an everyday thing anymore? I kind of miss the days when I had nothing to do. Merry Christmas!

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