Classic Ballpark Food Ranked Least Favorite to Favorite

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Ballpark Nachos

Baseball season is in full swing, the weather is warm and there is nothing better than a night at the ballpark watching a baseball game eating food. We have a few trips to the ballpark coming up this summer and I’m already planning my menu’s for the day. Most of them include canned cheese in some way.

Of course food varies by baseball park but there are a few staples that it is safe to say you can get anywhere. Let’s be honest, if you can’t get most of these at a ballpark, is it really worth paying for the ticket? Ranked least to most favorite, I can’t wait to hit the classic ballpark food stands this summer.

5. Hot Dogs

In general hot dogs gross me out. There has to be a whole lot of chilli and other condiments on top in order for me to eat them. On the other hand, fry it up, put it on a stick and call it a corn dog and you might be my new best friend.

4. Burgers

A summer favorite in our house on the grill, throw in some grease and you’ve got a ballgame. With a little bit of research I’ve discovered that we need to try out a burgers at few other ballparks (minor league included) around the country soon for some interesting twists on the classic burger.

3. Cheese Fries

There are certain ways to eat cheese that is safe to say is only done in America and that is where it comes from a can. Spray it, dump it, pour it… canned cheese can turn any dish into something fabulous (as long as you ignore the part that it comes from a can and is made with nothing but chemicals and sodium). With that being said, baseball is America’s pastime so it is appropriate that we top almost everything with canned cheese.

2. Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots aren’t readily available in stores so they are the perfect treat at the ballpark. Little balls of ice cream in tons of different flavors? Yes please!

1. Nachos

In a helmet, in a container, on a plate…does it really matter? As long as there are chips, jalapenos and canned cheese I AM THERE! No matter how gross it is hand me some canned cheese and jalapenos with chips I will sit and enjoy them all day long. There are many nachos to come this summer even if the ballparks are going to rip me off with a $7 price tag.

What is your favorite food to eat at the ballpark? Canned cheese or no canned cheese?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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