Having Coffee With A Few Of My Favorite Bloggers

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I think the thing I miss most about college is coffee dates with my friends. Okay there was that education thing too, but I’m just being honest here. After meteorology class Karissa and I would run to the coffee shop on campus for a hot chocolate (for her) and coffee (for me). It was short, but we found our caffeine for the night and some time together hating boys… again, just being honest.

Having Coffee With A Few Of My Favorite Bloggers

These days coffee dates with friends are few and far between, unless that’s what you consider reading morning emails. Guess what…it’s not the same. Instead I rely on a few of my favorite bloggers to give me that feeling of having coffee with friends. The funny thing is, I don’t know many of them in real life…most of them probably have no idea who I am except for a comment here or there. That’s kind of the cool part about the blogging world, you always have a friend’s day to hear about by simply opening up their blog.

There are a few blogs that have become daily must reads for me. Are you looking for some friends to have a virtual coffee date? Check out these bloggers and you’ll be all set.

A Few Blogs For Your Morning Coffee

Garvin & Co. is the first mommy blog I fell for. I was pregnant with Little Man and the whole Pinterest world went nuts for her chalkboards. At the time she just blogged about one baby girl but now she’s up to three! There are days I read her blog and think “I have no idea how she keeps her house that clean” and days where she gets real and shares what it’s really like behind the scenes. This is no doubt a must read blog.

PB+J Babes is another mommy favorite that I love to catch up on. Her girls are always dressed to perfection, but she isn’t afraid to be honest about how a real day can go.

When it comes to coffee Georgie has one of the prettiest Instagram accounts I’ve seen. Her blog, In It 4 The Long Run, is just as great. She recently switched it to focusing on healthy living and it’s jam packed with great content.

Speaking if being healthy, Emily over at My Healthyish Life is also out to share some great ideas. From posts on figuring out life to vacations she has a lot to share. Plus her food always looks amazing and makes me want to spirialize everything.

No one makes me want to train for a (half)marathon more than Janae over at the Hungry Runner Girl. Not only is the scenery from her runs that she posts beautiful but she always has a positive attitude even when thing might not be going the way she planned. Her daughter and stepson are adorable and make for some pretty great mommy posts too!

I love catching up on life with Val over at The Style Files. We were in the same department in college and overlapped a few classes together. While we don’t keep in touch on a regular basis getting the opportunity to watch her family grow keeps me checking in.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
Do you ever have coffee dates with friends?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I love this. I do miss just catching up with a girlfriend over coffee. I always love to read about and discover new blogs that other bloggers are enjoying!

    1. It is so hard to get coffee with friends these days! I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds that.

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