Holiday Coffee Flavors That Are Pretty Much Amazing

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While everyone else is off Black Friday shopping, I like to think of today as the first day of Holiday coffee. Yea, red cups have been out for awhile (I even had my first of the year the other night) but I usually try and save my first holiday coffee for the day after Thanksgiving.

This year I cheated a little thanks to a few k-cups that hooked me in a few weeks ago. Usually I would hold off but I just couldn’t resist the flavors. There are so many good ones and I’m pretty excited to dig into the rest of my favorite holiday coffee flavors.

Holiday Coffee Flavors

Holiday coffee…it’s all about the peppermint

My all time favorite holiday coffee will forever be the peppermint mocha. It doesn’t matter who makes it… it’s a holiday must have in my mind. This is my normal Black Friday drink, especially on the years we are traveling. We are not on the road today so I’ll save it for another day.

Then there’s the peppermint white mocha. Starbucks roped me in a few years ago and it’s safe to say I’m addicted. Not only is it the typical peppermint flavor but mix in some of Starbucks white chocolate and it’s just delicious. If you aren’t in the mood for the heavy chocolate that comes along with a typical peppermint mocha, I highly recommend this drink.

If we jump away from coffee for a minute and onto hot chocolate… my other holiday favorite. I might have to recommend a cup of hot chocolate splashed with a shot of Mint flavored Baileys. Obviously this is an adult drink so you might want to save this for once the kids are in bed for the night.

Taking the easy way out

As much as I love a good cup of coffee, I’ll be honest I also love the ease of my Keurig. When it comes to coffee my husband and I have very different tastes. I love the flavors, he loves the plain. In our house the Keurig was the best answer for us. The best part about the Keurig? There is a crazy amount of flavored coffee that you can buy. I have a few holiday coffee k-cups that I’m in love with and can’t wait to bulk order on amazon… you know so I’m stocked up for the next 10 months.

Green Mountain – Gingerbread. Perhaps my first love of holiday k-cups goes to the Gingerbread. In years past I tend to overstock on these, especially if I find a good amazon deal. They’re hard to find other times of the year. The Gingerbread flavor is not too strong and it is perfect mixed with a small amount of half and half.

Green Mountain – Cinnamon Sugar Cookie. This was a new discovery that was brought into our office a few weeks ago. I’m limiting myself to one cup of coffee at the moment but this has easily been my favorite part of the morning when I get to work. Green Mountain just knows how to do it right. The flavor is not too strong but mixed together it’s perfect .

Donut Shop Peppermint Bark. If you are in the mood for a peppermint mocha but don’t want the heavy flavors this is a great substitute. It’s just coffee so it’s not a full latte but you get the best of both worlds.

Get them while you can

The problem with holiday coffee flavors is they are seasonal. That’s what makes them completely amazing, but can also make them hard to find.

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte K-cups for instance. Last week I made my way through Walmart before most of the Sunday morning craziness hit. As I took my time browsing the aisles (as most moms do when they have a kid sleeping in the cart) I came across this new type of k-cup. Complete with the dried milk and peppermint flavor this was a great treat. The only downside? I can’t find it online… ANYWHERE! Either it’s too new or too popular. Starbucks doesn’t even have it on their website yet. It tastes JUST like a peppermint mocha from Starbucks so if you get the opportunity to buy it, buy it in bulk.

What are your favorite holiday coffee drinks?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Starbucks’ white chocolate mocha is definitely my favorite! I did not like coffee until my uncle made me try it at the original Starbucks in Seattle. It was a short slope until I was a coffee addict (now I drink it black quite often). You can’t beat the White Choc Mocha though. It is Christmas in a cup! (I just have to make myself forget that it is expensive and the highest calorie drink they make – or at least it was when I was in college).

    1. Oh my goodness the original Starbucks has by far my favorite coffee! I didn’t think I could like Starbucks anymore until my cousin and I went, so glad someone found the addiction that way 🙂

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