Creating a Bedtime Beauty Routine With Block Island Organics Night Cream

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Routine is a must have for me. I like my daily routine and that each part of my day has it’s own little routine. From my morning workouts to bedtime each part of my day can change but overall follows a similar scheduled. The one part of my day that tends to fall off is bedtime. Once the boys are asleep about the only thing I want to do is crawl in bed as fast as possible.

Typically I’ll rush through washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. This year I’ve been trying to spend more time on self care and actually paying attention to what I do at night. I’m not going to lie, that doesn’t mean things have been perfect every day. I’ve managed to slowly develop a routine to follow at least 3 or 4 nights a week. The rest of the week, who knows what will happen.

How To Create a Bedtime Beauty Routine

Creating A New Bedtime Beauty Routine

Recently I was contacted to try the Block Island Organics Night Cream. Right now my bedtime routine (after the kids are in bed) is fairly simple… brush my teeth, wash my face and call it a day. When it comes to beauty, I’m not the first person to get excited to try something new. My face wash has been a staple for my morning routine but not necessary in the evenings. I decided to give this night cream a try and see what happened.

Once the boys were asleep, my blogging comments & group messages were caught up it became the perfect time to wind down. Instead of just doing a quick face wash I took my time, washed my face, went through my normal MORNING routine and tried out the Block Island Organics Night Cream. Since it was the last step from there it was time to brush my teeth and head to bed. Luckily it dried quickly so there was no reason to delay that limited sleep any longer.

The Details

Block Island Organics Night Cream is an organic and natural formula made with botanical ingredients and rich in antioxidants. In other words, it’s stocked with vitamin C and E. All of their products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes and artificial fragrances. Even better they don’t do animal testing and use vegan-based formulas. Check out the Block Island Organics website for a full list of products including their sunscreen which was a EWG 2017 top pick for best sunscreen and moisturizer with spf.

First Impressions

I stuck with my normal face wash at night since I tend to have fairly sensitive skin when it comes to completely changing things. Typically I only use the facewash at night but don’t do any of the other steps in the process. With clean skin I gave the Block Island Organics Night Cream a try.

At first I was surprised at how cool the Block Island Organics Night Cream felt when I put it on. I didn’t expect it to feel any different than a regular face lotion. The first few times I put it on my face felt a little tingly but in a good way. Overtime it just felt like a regular lotion making my face nice and soft.

What I Loved About Block Island Organics Night Cream

For the most part I would absolutely recommend this product. The night cream went on smooth, didn’t leave behind any residue and didn’t feel heavy on my face. I absolutely hate it when you can feel any product on your skin even 5 minutes after you’ve put it on. This was absolutely wonderful.

My other facial product pet peeve tends to be pillow cases or towels getting bleached thanks ingredients in a product you use. This was absolutely not the case with Block Island Organics Night Cream! I was happy to see my pillow cases stayed their original colors (blue with sheep dancing on them… don’t judge me) and that when I washed my face the next morning my towels did not have any bleach stains. This is a huge win in my book!

Overall I felt like my skin was definitely starting to get smoother. I’m terrible with putting lotion on, so this was a nice relief for my face each night. It was a great last step of my bedtime routine. Let’s be honest, typically I’m just lazy and this only took two seconds.

Block Island Organics

The One Thing I Wasn’t a Fan Of…

Unfortunately there was one thing I wasn’t too thrilled with. I figured out fairly quickly that I was breaking out more with the Block Island Organics Night Cream. As someone who has had LOTS of problems over the years with acne I wasn’t completely shocked. One of the main reasons I have remained faithful to my current solution is because it works when nothing (and I mean NOTHING) else has. I pushed through and tried to give it a few weeks to see if my face would adjust. Unfortunately it did not.

Would I keep using it? If I can find a way to balance out the breakouts with the night cream I absolutely will keep using it. It’s just a matter of tweaking that routine.

Check out the Block Island Organics website and take a look through their products. As a family owned company they are producing a lot of great beauty products that are SAFE to use. You cannot go wrong there!

What are your thoughts on a bedtime routine? Are you quick to bed or do you take the time to practice more self care?

I was provided a sample of the Block Island Organics Night Cream in exchange for an honest review. 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love good products, but even more than that, I love a good routine!

  2. An honest review? I a, both shocked and thankful – I have severely sensitive skin, and pretty much anything bothers me. thank tou for this.

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