Cross Training Week 6 – Hip Hop Abs from Beachbody

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I knew eventually I’d figure this cross training stuff out! Week six cross training is set and I finally got into a routine I like, despite being 100% uncoordinated.

A few weeks ago I ordered Hip Hop Abs from Beachbody and it finally came in the mail.

This week had three rest days built in but on the third I could no longer wait and decided to break into it. On Thursday night I did the Fat Burning Cardio workout. I can officially say I am NOT coordinated what so ever. Although I did have some fun with it and it really was a great workout. I was really glad no one was around to see me do it.

Yesterday was our only technical cross training day and I did the Total Body Burn workout. It also felt pretty awesome but I did love the Fat Burning Cardio more, even if I am 100% not coordinated.

I tend to laugh at people on DVD’s when they are encouraging you. For some reason I didn’t think Shaun T was as “fake” when he said keep going. Then again he was dancing the whole time and never stopped moving. I had to laugh though when he kept showing what abs were supposed to be doing what. I guess I’ve seen a few too many workout DVD’s where the camera zooms in WAY too close. For some reason I just started laughing!

Monday night I made it an active rest day and took a short walk. Other than that we rested up this week! There was also a lot of rollin’ going on. Does anyone else sing in the head while they roll? “they see me rollin….” okay maybe I’m just weird!

Have you tried Hip Hop before? Do you suck as much as I do!?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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