Current Running Playlist Designed To Make Any Run Fly By

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When it comes to running, my thoughts are all over the place. I’ve tried watching TV shows while I run, but I prefer to zone out and let my mind wander. The one thing I have an incredibly hard time running without is music. 9 times out of 10 if you asked me after my run what songs came on my play list I can tell you what mile I was at when they came on.  I’ll admit it, my running playlist is a little bit crazy.

I love to have songs with a good beat to run to (I know, terrible habit) but at the same time I like songs that send me into a random memory. In a weird way, it keeps my runs  a little bit more focused. For example, right around mile 12.5 during the Glass City Half Marathon the song Sweet Caroline came on. Completely weird song to run to, I know. While it is a little bit of a slower song to run to, it reminds me of my friend Karissa’s wedding. While smiling at the memory, I found myself picking up my pace and getting more excited. I’ll never forget running up the street and seeing the tower at the University of Toledo. I was rocking out to one of my favorite songs knowing that I had just had one of the best races of my life.

A Running Playlist Designed to Make Any Run Fly By

As I mentioned, my running playlist is extremely random. I typically rotate some songs in and out, but there are a few that will forever be on my playlist. Not only do they have a pretty good beat (for the most part) but they are also songs I can count on to give me energy & get me moving a little bit faster.

My Current Running Playlist

For a long time I relied on iTunes to keep my playlist going. Then I discovered Spotify and the ability to download music. These days I often will find myself adding to the playlist as my day goes on and I hear a song I like. You never know what might come up next.

If I had to pick just ONE song to get my run started it would have to be Party Rock Anthem. You can’t be grumpy when that song is on. When it comes to finishing up a run I always love it when Fight Song comes on. It reminds me of my niece and it happens to be one of Little Man’s favorite songs to dance to.

What’s on your running playlist? What is your MUST HAVE running song?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I just posted my August Playlist today. I switch up my music so much to keep it interesting and fresh. I’m always so motivated by music on my training runs, but sometimes I need to hear some new music to keep me from stalling out. I really like a new song by Kid Ink and the New Maroon Five album is on my top list too.

    1. Ohhh I’ll have to check that song out! I can understand the need to find something new from time to time!

  2. Yes! I can’t run unless I have the right music on! I love to listen to X Ambassadors radio on Pandora when I run.

  3. Some of these are on my cardio list too!! I love them all. I’d add Justin’s “I Got This Feeling”!

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