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I’m pretty sure every time I blink another month goes by. While I’m not on board with the Christmas trees in the stores yet (I’m looking at you Costco) I definitely feel like that time of the year is very quickly approaching.

For now I am incredibly excited about October. The weather is always my favorite, the colors are beautiful and we finally can settle into a routine again. Little Man has been playing baseball and I have zero complaints about the colors of the sunset as we leave the fields each night. They are simply amazing.

Yesterday was my birthday and we celebrated by having cannoli for dessert because why not? Let’s do a little but if “currently” to catch up what else is going on in life!

When it comes to life I am currently…

Sad About: Our local coffee shop near my office just closed last week. Over the last 10 months I’ve spent a lot of time blogging there.

Looking Forward To: Weekend walks with the boys. We miss out on them during the week because it gets dark so fast but the weekends are the perfect time!

Loving: The leaves changing colors.

Diffusing: the different Halloween blends @GrapefruitAndGold posted this week. Yesterday we broke out the Candy Corn blend at work, it smelled delicious. There are so many new essential oils I need to add to my collection.

When it comes to food I am currently….

Excited to Make: Racheal Ray’s Uptown Down-Home Chili. Every year it is a favorite in our house.

Weekend Drinking: Almond Rocha Lattes (Big shock, I know).

Almost Ready to Start Drinking: Caramel Apple Cider. I just can’t bring myself to buy a gallon of it yet! We did take a trip to the apple orchard with Little Man’s class. It was a lot of fun and he learned a lot!

Laughing About: When my husband asked Little Man what kind of cupcakes I wanted for my birthday “vanilla” got lost in translation. They came home with a package of homemade vanilla cannoli for dessert. There were no complaints here as we ate them pretty quick.

Birthday Cannoli

When it comes to health I am currently…

Running: About 5 days a week. I’ve been averaging around 30 miles a week but looking to slowly increase that this month. I shocked myself at the end of September when I added up my miles, 129!

Lifting: Sadly only once a week. Little Man and I still get our exercises in but right now we try for the weekends.

Trying: I’m all about trying new things and my sister-in-law lead us in some meditation las week. It was a completely different experience and I loved it!

What are you currently up to?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Happy birthday Darlin! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you you you you you you you… Happy birthday to you!
    ( birthdays are kind of a big thing)

  2. I need to try that chili recipe! We love chili in the fall. Also, this post makes me realize I need to get back into the gym soon. We are working on home organization stuff this weekend! What fun!

  3. Happy Birthday and yay for vanilla cannolis! Yum! My little does not play baseball yet, but Saturday mornings we have been walking to our local park to watch the “big” kids play t-ball. There is just something so nostalgic and sweet about watching the little ones play ball! I too have been diffusing Stress Away, but I have not tried it with Tangerine! That sounds heavenly! What a lovely birthday week!
    Brittany Ferrell recently posted…How to Teach Your Child to Become a Champion at SpellingMy Profile

    1. Awww that sounds like a great thing to go watch on the weekends! It really is fun to watch kids play.

      Stress away is such a wonderful thing to diffuse!

  4. Yay for chili, I’ve already made my first crock pot full of it, with leftovers in the freezer. We had a cute little coffee shop around & it closed up to, it’s so sad to see little places like that go out of business…Also I’m right there with you, if I buy an entire gallon of apple cider, then I’m drinking an entire gallon of apple cider so I try to steer clear unless I know everyone else is in the mood. Your calendar full of miles is amazing, so inspiring. I’m hoping to get out there soon, once the weather starts to cool down.

    1. Oh that is one of the best parts about making a big crock pot full, having the leftovers in the freezer! Wouldn’t it be nice though to be able to share the apple cider? Enjoy the runs as soon as the weather clears!

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