Lunchtime Running… You Do What Ya Gotta Do!

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Do you ever have those moments in life where once you have it all together, you decide to change it up? Welcome to my life this month! We made some pretty big life decisions in the last week and a half and while they are awesome and will be great moving forward my evenings have been sucked away! That means only one thing… lunchtime running. 

Lunchtime Running

With the half being only 5 and half weeks away, there is no time to miss out on runs. I decided to take my lunch hours twice this week to get my miles in. Yes, it does mean 4-5 loops around the area I work at and yes it does get boring. In this instance lunchtime running is what I’ve gotta do!

Tuesday’s run was our interval run for the week. Actually it was my interval run for last week because I didn’t realize my workouts for this week didn’t sync to my watch. ooops! So I did 4 minutes with 1:30 recovery 5 times. (Instead of 6 minutes with 2 minutes recovery 4 times). It wasn’t a bad run and I just missed the 5 mile mark.

Today’s run was a 45 minute “fartlek run”. I used to hate these in cross country but ran with it anyways. Ha, get it? Ran with it?

Lunchtime Running Day Two

Okay it’s late and I shouldn’t be blogging.

Anyways. I’ve really decided I like this whole lunchtime running thing. Now that Fall is here (as much as we all hate to admit it) a 60 degree day means I can actually run at 11:30 where as two weeks ago it would’ve been 90 degrees and 100% humidity.

If nothing else it was a good excuse to walk away from my desk and clear my mind.

Tomorrow it’s hip hop day! For now… look at how yummy my salad looked today!

My Salad Is Amazing

Do you ever run during work? How do you feel about being gross when you get back to your desk?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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