Half Marathon Training Week 10

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We are officially in the double digits, half marathon training week 10. Part of me wants to say “we JUST hit week 10?” and part of me wants to say “Shit, we only have six weeks left!!!!!”

But really, there are only six weeks left until the half marathon!


I took this past week off running all together. My knee had been acting up and my legs were tired, I needed a break. In the end I skipped 2 runs which I’m telling myself will not make the difference between me finishing the half marathon or not. One was a 45 minute run and one was intervals.

Yesterday I headed back out and felt AWESOME! Well, until about an hour and thirty minutes in. Sure enough the knee pain came back.

Let’s back track a little bit.

Half Marathon Training Week 10

After last Sunday’s run I was frustrated, tired, in tears & straight up having a meltdown because I’m female and well we do that sometimes. Monday & Tuesday I had bad days, I ate like crap & convinced myself I was done running. Yes I know I’m dramatic.

In all honesty, I had some stuff going on mentally that was not just running but having the knee hurting ONLY when I run was really throwing me off. Tuesday night I let it out on Facebook and those of you amazing people who responded made my night/Wednesday morning.

Wednesday my pity party was over and I dragged my butt out of bed at 5am for some Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T! I managed to do that again on Thursday and it felt awesome. It really did change how my day went. To be honest I probably won’t do it every day but I think it’s going to be built more into my routine. Not only was I up and ready to go, but I was with a lot of energy too! Friday I had a dentist appointment but rounded out the night Friday night with some Hip Hop. I’m really getting into it!

Now… about that run. I decided to order an IT Band Strap off of Amazon. That seemed to be where my pain was and I decided to see if it would make a difference after a week of resting.Saturday turned into a beautiful fall day which meant I didn’t need to plan to get up early for a run. 1pm rolled around and I was ready to go!

54 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. I really would like to order up this weather for the half marathon. It was PERFECT.

11 Mile Run - Half Marathon Training Week 10

The IT strap felt pretty good once I got it settled in and somewhere around an hour and thirty minutes in my run it seemed to adjust place a little bit and I stepped a little funny. At this exact point I was in a street close to the grass so I’m not sure if it was the unleveled street or what but all of the sudden the knee pain was back with full force.

I decided to keep pushing and as I got back up on the sidewalk it seemed to go away. It did slow me down a little bit and my last twenty minutes were a little slower. I did finish them though! 

This Way Ya'll

I’ll admit I stopped a few times. Once because this sign deserved a picture and the second time when my knee hurt. I stopped for about a minute and stretched a bit.

Overall I’m just going to see what happens and keep pushing. Half marathon training week 10 is officially wrapped up. My knee is not getting worse and it doesn’t hurt unless I’m running. The strap seems to help so we’ll see how the next week goes.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a run?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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