Easy Ways to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away. We have three Thanksgiving dinners lined up this week so the chance of temptation is high and the chance of eating healthy is low. I fully plan on taking advantage of the wonderful Thanksgiving food we have lined up but there are a few ways I’m going to try and continue to eat healthy.

How To Eat Healthy During The Holidays


Thanksgiving means loading up a plate with food and enjoying it whether you’re hungry or not. Leaving food behind on my plate results in a guilty feeling, so I wind up eating it all even if my stomach tells me no. I’ve tried really hard in the last year to be better about portion control and making sure I’m really full before going for seconds. I can’t help but try every thing but starting with a small, yet realistically portioned, plate will help over eating.

Track Calories

For a LONG time I swore by the Fitbit app to track my calories. It wasn’t until the last two months or so that I have completely fallen off the bandwagon. Tracking my calories not only encouraged me to eat healthy but it helped me realize when I was overeating because I was bored not hungry. There is something to be said about knowing that you’re already at 2,000 calories for the day.

Treat Yourself

Avoiding the apple pie all together won’t solve your problem. If you are like me, giving yourself the treat of apple pie will actually help in the long run. Instead of caving and eating an entire pie after everyone has gone to bed, enjoying a piece of pie with dinner will make it a lot easier to have self control. Those mashed potatoes on the other hand….

Continue To Workout

The biggest motivator for me to eat healthy is my morning run. For the most part, if I ran or worked out in the morning I’ll put a little more thought into what I eat. Last year at Thanksgiving I was working my way through T25 and doing a workout every night helped me make smarter decisions. Plus the adrenaline rush is never a bad thing!

Think Of the Leftovers

In my opinion, there is no such thing as too many Thanksgiving leftovers. A smaller piece of apple pie on Thanksgiving means you can have a small piece for lunch on Monday. Why eat just one day of a Thanksgiving feast when you can drag it out an entire week? Mix in a salad and a smoothie to help control your calories and you will be able to enjoy wonderful treats all week long.

Do you plan on eating everything on Thanksgiving?
If not, how do you plan on trying to eat healthy?
Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Great post! We should all follow these rules! My major downfall is the unending supply of wine and champagne during the holidays!

    1. That sounds like a pretty good downfall to have! I love enjoying wine with family!

  2. Great tips! I’ve been working on losing weight since May, so this will be my first big Holiday test. I’m planning on keeping up my exercising and portion control for sure.
    Shann Eva recently posted…Micro Preemie TaliyahMy Profile

  3. These are all great tips for staying healthy during the holidays! I know for me, continuing to keep my same workout routine is important. I will always workout before and after a major meal. Thank you for sharing this list!
    Ashleigh recently posted…November BIRCHBOX RevealMy Profile

    1. Workout is a huge game changer in mentality and in staying healthy!

  4. I love this. I am like you, I do not say anything is off limits for the most part. Foods that are more indulgent I pay closer attention to my portion size. Being mindful of what and why I am eating makes my food choices so much easier. Thank you for sharing these tips.
    Chanelle recently posted…7 Natural Items That Produce Healthy SkinMy Profile

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