The First Snow of Winter

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I would say that it is the first snow of 2015, but those of us in the Midwest know that we’ve seen plenty of snow already in 2015. Mid-week last week the Chicago meteorologists started with the dreaded announcement that snow is coming our way. To be fair, they’ve said this multiple times before and have been completely wrong so I have learned to take their announcements with a grain of salt.

As Friday afternoon wound down the weather alerts were flying left and right…we were officially under a Winter weather advisory from Midnight-3pm on Saturday. Before he went to bed Friday night I figured it was safe to tell Little Man that he will have a snowy surprise when he wakes up. Boy were we surprised by the amount of snow we had by the end of the day Saturday.

First Winter Snow

I rarely trust that we will get the full amount of snow predicted. Knowing that they were predicting 2-7 inches of snow I figured we would wind up closer to the 2 inches side of things. In the end we definitely hit closer to the 7 inches side and the advisory was even extended a few hours. It is safe to say, Little Man was excited by the sight of the snow. He spent all weekend begging anyone and everyone to take him outside to play in the snow.

We had our snowman built by 6:45am Saturday morning, which was difficult considering at the time we had about 1 inch of snow. He got to help shovel the driveway, make snowballs and would have been happy to spend the entire weekend outside. Although he wasn’t too happy to discover that his toy dump truck does not move as fast in the snow as it does in the grass.

Unfortunately Sunday (pictured above) was a bit too cold to be outside for long so we hunkered down in the house and enjoyed a day of football, basketball & Mickey Mouse. Did anyone see Valpo Basketball almost upset Oregon? It’s going to be an awesome year for them!

With the Holiday season waiting for us it was nice to have a weekend where we had almost no commitments. Outside of a dinner party with friends celebrating an engagement we were able to just be lazy. It was a nice change from the normal busy schedules (which I truly love) we have on the weekends.

On a completely unrelated note, we have a new logo thanks to RebekahLouiseDesigns.

How was your weekend?
Have you had snow yet?

Did you get as much snow as your weatherman anticipated?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Beautiful! I find myself really wanting it to snow here… Though I don’t want to shovel… It’s my first year owning a house. lol

  2. Where you live is so beautiful! The snow looks perfect… we have been going to the beach and soaking up the last few days of warmth before the cool temps and rain come here. Thank you for sharing your picture!
    Ashleigh recently posted…White Peppermint Holiday Mug CakeMy Profile

  3. I am really looking forward to the first real snow here in Canada especially for the holidays! your surrounding are so beautiful!

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