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While I’m over here attempting to digest the fact that my little man turned two today. I’m going to share my Friday Favorites… Blogger style edition. I’ve been writing blogs or diaries as I used to call it since 1998 when I started my first website. Over the years I’ve had a number of blogs I’ve loved evolve, change & grow with the times. As I’ve grown my taste in blogs has changed. As the blog world has grown, blogs in general have changed. Right now here are my favorites that I never miss!

The Gymnternet

I’m a self proclaimed gym nerd who has 0 time to keep up with the latest in gymnastics. The Gymnternet has been the most amazing go to source in the last few months for me! Within 5 minutes I feel like I can get all of the latest in gymnastics & not feel left out of the loop! Kudos to this awesome blogger!

Little Baby Garvin

You can’t read mommy blogs & NOT read Little Baby Garvin. Oh my goodness. These girls are not only adorable but she has some of the most creative ideas out there for holidays and decorating. I will warn you now…. you will feel like a mom failure sometimes reading her posts. She puts Pinterest mom’s to shame!

The Style Files

Style is far from my list of things I’m good at, but Val has some awesome posts about various types of style, fashion, etc. I actually knew Val in college so it’s been fun to watch her life after college unfold! Currently her style is maternity focused but there are some great ideas in the archives for various types of style! Oh, she’s a runner too.

Style Imagined

As an only child, I often wanted siblings. God dropped Karissa and I into a class together in college… it is safe to say the rest is history. She is one of my best friends & I love reading her blog updates starting with her move to Texas. It’s becoming more of a style blog, while I’m not into fashion I’m always looking for advice so check her out!

Yarn Harlot

If you know anything about the knitting world & knitting books… you must know Yarn Harlot. As one of the original knitting bloggers she has some of the most hilarious, yet relevant stories about knitting and life. I love the little door she has opened over the last 10 years for knitters to read. I won’t lie when I first found her blog in college I went back and read every entry. I still never miss one!

The Hungry Runner Girl

This is a newish blog to me, but I love watching the adventures of Hungry Runner Girl & her daughter Brooke each day. There is a lot about running but there is also a lot about food. She is currently training for Boston & shares her daily running adventures on the blog. I would consider it part mommy blog, part food blog & part running blog.

Run Eat Repeat

Also fairly new to me, Monica’s blog Run Eat Repeat cover two of my favorite things. Running & food. She runs a number of half marathons & marathons and shares lots of information about running gear, advice etc. If you like running & food…. head that way!

The Housewife Memoirs

During my weekly writing prompts I often mention Rebecca at The Housewife Memoirs. Yes, she is my sister in law but she is also a fantastic writer! She shares some of her favorite mommy tips & tricks as well as joins me on the weekly writing prompts. If you are not following her… you should be!

While you are busy reading all of my favorite blogs I’m off to try and figure out where the last two years have gone. I’m still not convinced that my little man is two, it seems like JUST yesterday we went through 18 hours of labor… and no I will not let him forget that.

Give me some new blogs to read, what are your favorite blogs? Do you read lots of blogs? Just a few blogs? No blogs? Share Below!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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