Finding Motivation To Get Over A Weight Loss Plateau & Fitness Contest Results

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Before I was pregnant with Baby B, I went through a giant (for me) weight loss journey. In a matter of 18 months I lost 35lbs that I didn’t realize I needed to lose. Many times I told myself that if I was ever pregnant again I would do everything in my power to only gain healthy weight and lose the weight right away.

I am now laughing at myself.

With Baby B I ate as healthy as I could. I gave into cravings on occasion but for the most part I stuck to the same food I ate prior to being pregnant: salads, fruit smoothies, etc. I still managed to gain 42lbs. Guess what, it did not come right off.

Leaving the hospital I was the same weight as when I went in. I’ve been on and off frustrated with it and in January I set my goals to lose the remaining 20lbs during our weight loss contest at work. The contest started January 3rd and ended March 27th. Piece of (healthy) cake, right?


Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau

January was great. I was motivated, running 3-4 days a week and eating right. February started off pretty well. I started increasing my milage on my daily runs and was loving seeing the numbers on the scale slowly creep down.

Then March hit.

My runs felt great but I didn’t. No matter how on point my eating was and how much I worked out I still felt huge. The scale went up one pound and stopped moving. It was safe to say I officially hit a weight loss plateau and it stuck around for the last three weeks. I got extremely frustrated and was ready to throw in the towel.

Going through losing the baby weight for a second time I knew that it meant it was time to change things up. With only a week left of our fitness contest I wanted to hold out before making any changes so I decided to wait it out, keep my food on track and scale back my runs for the last week of the contest.

It sounds a little crazy right? It was what my body fat numbers needed to drop a little bit of fat the last week. I stayed the exact same weight all week, but the body fat dropped off and I was so glad to be done with the contest when we were.

Fitness Contest Results

Weight Loss Contest

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with how I ended up. I came up 6lbs shy of my 20lb goal. I spent the weekend trying not to be too mad at myself about it. 14lbs was great and it’s time to look forward and work on the rest of the baby weight as well as a little more.

I placed third overall and will completely take it considering how March went. First place absolutely killed it and I’m so happy he came out the champ. Even though it is competitive, it’s great to see so many people getting on board with a healthy lifestyle.

This contest overall felt very different than when my friend and I went head to head 3 years ago. I miss those days and often have considered how different it would be if we were still competing with each other. For now texts with her have been my motivation to keep moving.

Finding Motivation To Keep Going Through The Weight Loss Plateau

Without having my best friend a text a way, I would’ve given up long ago. Having someone who is losing the baby weight at the same time changes everything. When you have a bad day, they remind you of the good days. When they’re having a bad day, you remind them of how far they’ve come. There was A LOT of venting on my part last week. I was so mad at myself for hitting a weight loss plateau.

So much venting took place that I decided I needed to take a break. This week, all bets are off when it comes to healthy eating, working out and checking the scale. We’ve had an incredibly busy and emotionally draining (in the best way possible) weekend in our house. Instead of planning my morning runs, I’m catching up on chores around the house. Meal planning went right out the window and I don’t even wan to admit how many cookies I’ve eaten.

I truly needed a break.

For a few years now I’ve followed Gracie’s Journey on Instagram. She often references her Youtube page but I’ve not checked it out until recently. Watching her workout videos and her ongoing transformation, I have a whole new level of motivation to restart. For some reason, seeing someone else reach so many of their goals has encouraged me to keep going and hit mine.

It’s funny how the world works that way. I treated myself to a new Lululemon top thanks to Poshmark and I’m ready to move past this weight loss plateau.

How To Get Over a Weight Loss Plateau

What is Next?

Late last week and early this week I started researching new workouts. A large part of me knows that I need to start incorporating more weight training into my running. A friend suggested that I check out After filling out their survey of what I was looking for they suggested Bill Phillips Back to Fit 12 Week Program. I’m able to still incorporate running at least two days a week and I’ll be able to start doing more with weights. If I feel the need to add in a 3rd run during the week I will.

A few weeks ago two coworkers and I started doing a weekly yoga class at lunch. I’m so excited to keep going and it’s such a nice lunch break. I highly recommend it if you can find one near you.

For now, I just need a change. Starting Monday the meals will be prepped, the workouts will be ready and I’m getting back on track. There are six pounds of baby weight that need to disappear.

Have you ever hit a weight loss plateau? How did you get past it? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. KP, you are incredible! You fit in workouts and eat healthily with a toddler and a baby, and a full time job!! That is an impressive feat.

  2. I started Weight Watchers 7 weeks ago and am down 14 pounds. While some people look for quick weight loss, I like losing it slowly as that tends to allow for me to keep it off more long term. Getting healthy and staying healthy is a hard task but I am eager to see where my journey goes.

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