Hints Of Spring & Other Friday Favorites

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With the time change it has taken me a good week and a half to get used to the sunrise time. I’m not used to it taking place while we are in the kitchen going through our morning routine each day. The other morning I caught the sun starting to sneak out at the perfect time, I had to run out and get a picture. I quickly realized it was 23 degrees outside and shoes might’ve been a good idea.

You win some, you lose some right?

March Sunrise

Regardless…as much as I hated the time change, I’m loving the sunlight sticking around later in the day. Lately we are getting a few hints of Spring and it makes me so excited.  I can’t wait until the warmer weather hits, especially after the snow last week.

A Few Friday Finds

I’m often targeted with funny coffee mugs (no shock considering my coffee mug obsession) on Facebook and this coffee mug ad popped up the other day. Clearly Facebook knows me pretty well.

Very rarely does a grilled cheese picture leave me drooling. It’s not one of my favorite foods but Rose’s roundup of Spring/Summer Grilled Cheese Recipes immediately got saved to my Pinterest recipe board.

Speaking of Facebook Ads, this tank top might need to get added to my summer collection ASAP. Anyone else feel like this adulting thing is a little overrated?

Favorite Things This Week

Even though we’ve been busy this week, the boys and I have still found a way to have some extra fun waiting on Spring to hit in full force.

Last Summer when I was pregnant with Baby B I came across a mommy and me matching set on Zulilly. I couldn’t pass them up at the time and I was excited we both finally fit into our shirts this week. He’ll hate me for it (or the picture evidence) some day but for now I got a great laugh out of it.

Usually when the boys are sleeping I’ll sneak in a morning run. Outside of running, I’ve been trying to work in a few extra body weight exercises during the week. Little Man loves to join me if I do them while he is still awake. He is constantly asking if we can do “our exercises” again and is working on mastering his pushup.  His attention span is about 3 minutes but we even moved into burpees this week.

Rumor has it we’ll see 70 degrees next week in the Midwest. How amazing would that be? Spring is on the way my friends!

What are your favorite things this week? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I am originally from North Iowa and now living in Tucson. I visit home often as I do miss the change of seasons back home as well as family. It is so hard to get used to the time change, although here it doesn’t change, I remember feeling so much mentally when the days began to grow longer. I don’t blame you one bit for running out to take a pic in the cold. I would too . 🙂

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