Fitness Competition Results

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On December 17th our office weighed in for the first fitness competition. The goal was who lost the greatest percent of their body fat percentage. While we had just started working out at the time, I had not gotten very far and with the holidays….well…lets just say things weren’t going so well!

Mid January, I was back in the gym and my competition at work picked up. Ultimately the competition came down to me and my best friend at work. Let’s be honest, if she were to win, I would be okay with it. We became scared quick that people were going to catch up to us without realizing it!

Today was our final fitness competition weigh-in day and while we both avoided eating until we weighed in… She kicked my butt but I will take second! I feel like I made a lot of progress and while I have a ways to go to hit a few more of my goals I accomplished my first goal!

Starting Weight: 168.0
Ending Weight: 153.8

Starting Percent: 29.2%
Ending Percent: 24.7%

I have set a new set of goals for myself with an end date of May 23rd. I’m trying to slowly inch my way there and hopefully will hit it before. For now I get a day of eating as much junk as I want. For the record… my body hates me already for it!

May 23rd Goals:

Goal Weight: 150
Goal Percent: 23.9%

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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