I'll Feel This Run Tomorrow

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20140330-120118-768x1024My first goal deadline is tomorrow and so is the end of our fitness competition at work. After missing a few days this week I wanted to end strong and push myself a little bit further than I have been going. It was a beautiful morning (if you consider 40 degrees beautiful, at this rate I do) finally outside so I bundled up and headed out for a morning run. The goal was to run 4 miles. I knew my 2.0 mile route and my 3.0 mile route. The general loop that I walk in the summer I know is just over 2.0 miles so I told myself to run it twice!20140330-120133-768x1024

Apparently running it twice is exactly 4.25 miles! I can honestly say I have not run that far since high school and it felt amazing! I will definitely feel it tomorrow, heck I’m feeling it now!

My time was 41:03 and I will take it. My goal was under 40 minutes for 4 miles so for 4.25 I’m going to say 41 minutes is pretty good. I’m not winning any races but in my own mind I won! Haha.20140330-120127

30 day challenge:
85 sit-ups
120 crunchers
50 leg lifts

My cheapo watch should be here this week but now I’m kind of wishing I got a nice running one with a GPS….. Recommendations?

Running in: Under Armor Jacket & long spandex from high school
Rocking out to: Workout playlist

Yup, I’ll Feel This Run Tomorrow.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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