Flea Market & Turtle Beach Sunset

7:31 PM

What up? Hey everyone. Had a pretty good day. Went to Turtle Beach and watched the sunset. It was pretty. We went to a Flea Market today and bought some beanies. We got 3 of em, or something like that. Maybe 4. Not sure. Anyway, I also got an ‘N Sync tee shirt. There are also some new pictures up on my page! YAY!

This was taken at the Museum. I’m in the back row with my arm around my teacher, Ms. Converse! Wohoo! I just wanted to show everyone the picture.

That is my friend Nikki and I at the championship meet we had. I thought it was a cute picture!

That is my friend Colleen and I at the championship me. Sorry its kind of blurry.

Well that’s about all that’s happening here. Peace, Love, and The hott guy I saw at the sunset.


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