Peace, Love, and Umm Nonexistent Hott guys!

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10:15 am

Hey everyone! Whats up? Not much has been happening the past two days. It rained yesterday, I was actually kind of glad because I’m major sunburn. I’m sooo freakin red.

My mom and my grandma are down by the pool right now, I’m about to die if I have anymore sun. So, we went to Old Navy last night, which is cool for me because we don’t have a store by us in Toledo. My grandma bought me a shirt and my mom bought me a shirt. I’m spoiled! lol.

Right now there are some kids walking by. I haven’t seen any hott guys. All the people here are over the age of 35 or under the age of 10. No one in between.

We ate at Sweet Tomato again last night. They have totally awesome food. hehe. We need one of those in Toledo.

Well, since there isn’t much going on now, I might as well end this for now.

Peace, Love, and Sunny Beaches.

6:08 pm

Let’s see, we just got back from dinner and Books-A-Million. I got a couple new books.

We ran into someone from school and I got a feeling I’m going to get NON stop teasing from my mom for awhile. It was a guy named Jason who I liked last year and I think we went out for a day or so. LoL.

Anyway. We spent some time at the beach. It was cool.

Did anyone see 2Gether on TRL today? They were awesome! Alex Solowitz is totally HOTT! AHH! So is Noah Bastian. Still Alex is the hottest. I’m sooo happy that they have a tv series. I LOVE 2GETHER!

Ok, so I’m going insane somewhat! Whatever.

Anyway, not much going on here, I’m going to try and do some more updates!

Peace, Love, and umm Nonexistent Hott guys!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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