Footloose 5k Race – Evening Race at Burns Harbor

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For an evening race I was pretty excited to see how the Footloose 5k played out. Of course it was one of the hottest days of the year and in the end it was by far not my best race of the year. The Footloose 5k is an instance where it goes to show how quickly the environment around you can affect your time & how you feel!

It was an 80’s themed night so the hot pink pants came back out!

Burns Harbor - Footloose 5k

I spent most of the day questioning whether our race was going to happen (due to predicted rain) & then by the time we got there it was as humid as could be but no rain in sight! As we got ready to start I realized I would much rather prefer rain than the sun that we were about to be running in for the next half hour!

We had heard that the course had a lot of shade, but the person who mentioned that obviously ran at a different time of the day! It was VERY hot and humid while we were getting ready to go!

Footloose 5k In Review

Overall I felt okay during the race. My splits really are accurate for about how I felt during the race.

Footloose 5k Splits

Very soon into the race I decided to go at a pace where I knew I could try and hold it for the 5k. Originally my goal was under 26:00, but with the humidity and sun I knew it would be pushing it. I did decide to grab water only to find out it was warm Gatorade around the halfway point. Oops. It was NASTY!

Finishing the race my time was 27:02 according to my watch. I later found out my official time was 27:20. Honestly I don’t think they had a tracker at the start line so our times were all started together. I’m not totally thrilled about that, but it is what it is!

The storm started to roll in as we were enjoying some post race burgers so I quickly headed over and checked results as my husband got the little man to the car.

MUCH to my shock I placed SECOND in my age group! Not at all what I expected. I knew were weren’t going to stay around for the awards ceremony (a good half hour away and the temperature was dropping quickly with incoming rain) so I talked to one of the organizers and she had the medals ready for those who had to leave early.

Footloose 5k - Second Place

We also got a participation medal. Actually it’s pretty awesome, it’s a cassette tape! From photo booths to post race food everything but the race itself made for a fun night at the Footloose 5k. Without the heat it probably would’ve been a whole lot better!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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