Pre 5k Run

Saturday is another 5k and I’m pretty excited about it! It will be a fun evening with friends and even family coming along to watch. After The Glo Run we decided we loved the themed runs & this weekend’s run is 80’s themed. The hot pink pants are coming back out!

Pre 5k Run

I like to do about a 3 mile run two days before a race. Just a quick chance to clear my head and stretch my legs a tiny bit. Tomorrow will be a nice walk and then a fun race Saturday evening!

With a festival going on in the middle of my regular 3.1 mile route, I decided to change it up a little bit. The new route I found had a few more hills than I expected. Oops!

Regardless I did a quick 3.31 in 28:29 and headed back home. I felt pretty good about my pace too. Now we will see what Saturday brings!

Any fun races going on around you this weekend?

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