Friday Favorites Filled With Food

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food-friday-favoritesSometimes you just have to have that week where you eat everything. After running the Owens Corning Half Marathon this past Sunday I used the running as an excuse to eat pretty much whatever I wanted for two days straight. While sometimes that can feel great, I also was ready to get back on not eating pure salt and chocolate after a few days of it! With that being said, my Friday Favorites this week might be a little on the “food heavy” side, but hey…. everyone needs a weakness… mine just happens to be guacamole at the moment.

Around this time every year I start to get antsy for “real” fruit to come out. I’m tired of the oranges that have no flavor, apples that clearly are plastic & strawberries imported from who knows where. Looking back at old social media posts, usually come March I start complaining about the lack of fresh fruit. Last year I was introduced to avocados and this year I am 100% obsessed with guacamole. It seems to be turning into a nightly routine of smashing up an avocado, adding a tiny bit of garlic powder, salt, lemon juice and breaking out the chips. I’m completely hooked and I’ll be pretty sad when the prices go back up to more than 5 for $5.

Speaking of avocados, earlier this week I had lunch with a friend (which is truly my favorite part about this story) at Qdoba. It is a “fast food” restaurant I often forget about but their food is so incredible. I’ve been sort of a hermit at lunch lately and it was nice to get out and catch up with my friend who has also been a coworker for around 5 years now. It snapped me out of a little lunch funk. Lately I’ve realized how distant I’ve gotten from a few friends so I’ve been working to make an effort to catch up with others. It needs to happen every once and awhile and I am grateful for my Qdoba lunch even though we see each other virtually every day, there isn’t always time to fully catch up.. I know you’re dying to know….there was guac involved too.

My other treat on my plate for this week was hearing that Starbucks was rolling out Happy Hour for a few weeks. Half off frappuccino from 3-5PM May 1-10th. Despite the fact that I had it planned all week, my little man and a cold had some other plans for me. The new s’mores frappuccino will have to wait until next week.

I spent the day at home working with a sick little man enjoying every moment of “pickle” also known as Veggie Tales. While I think it’s safe to say I’ve had my share of God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man song I will forever appreciate Veggie Tales and the lessons they share. Little man is a little too young to fully understand everything but he loves talking about Frankincelery & Junior Asparagus. They are great for kids of all ages and I remember enjoying singing the Water Buffalo song with friends in high school. What can I say, I’m a nerd.

Did you partake in Starbucks Happy Hour? Was the S’mores frappuccino everything it’s advertised to be? Do you have a food problem? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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