Friday Favorites And New Recipes To Try

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First I have to send all of my love to one of my favorite places I have visited. My heart breaks hearing about Nice and I can’t imagine what everyone is going through there right now. I have some wonderful memories from that city and have just been speechless when it comes to the violence. It needs to end.

Nice, France
August 2003

I still feel like I’m settling back down from our Fourth of July weekend but at the same time nesting mode has hit full force. With 8 weeks left to go there are so many things on my to do list. With each summer event I cross off one more thing that needs to get done. Before we know it we will be in the last few weeks and baby will be here. Oh dear. 

Instead of getting things accomplished, I’ve spent a lot of time researching food. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but after a few weeks of sorting out my food/water in an attempt to fight the humidity I’ve found some pretty great recipes to share.

Food & Recipes Of The Week

First things first, did you know that someone actually put together a list of the Best French Fries in Every State? I feel like a road trip (plus a little bit of a plane ride to Hawaii) might be in order soon. How can you go wrong with that agenda? 

As I mentioned, I’ve been working on balancing out my diet along with my water intake. I wasn’t feeling the greatest for awhile and was having a really hard time especially when the humidity came out. One thing that I had to change was food, less fruit (aka sugar) and more protein, iron, etc. I’ve been on the hunt for some good high protein recipes and just the other day The Blissful Balance posted a new protein bar. After we grocery shop this week, this is on my list to make!

Runners World posted a video with Coffee Oatmeal Bites last week and they were exactly what I was looking for in terms of breakfast.  You can watch the video or check out the recipe in the first comment. They are loaded with flavor and are incredibly filling. 

With every “adult drink” recipe video that gets posted on Facebook my list of ones to try keep growing. Ironically I know once I am able to have some again, I won’t care to make them. I did save off this Rainbow Sangria because it looks pretty awesome even though it looks like a lot of work. 

Other Random Favorites

USA Gymnastics named the rest of their Olympic team this past weekend. There were tears (from me) yet so much excitement behind the whole event. There is no doubt they are sending the strongest team to Rio. With each gymnast who qualified, the week has been spent seeing other retirement announcements. I cannot wait to see the girls rock it in NCAA but a super congrats to Maggie Nichols. She has been one of my favorite gymnasts to watch these last few years and I was sad to see her not head to Rio.

I ran across these new shoe clips for runners this week and they are an awesome idea. While they seem geared towards runners, I think they have many uses and are worth checking out if you’re out late at night. 

Reading hasn’t been top of activity list this year, even though I wish it was. Here is a list of all 339 books referenced in Gilmore Girls. Rory puts us all to shame but it is fun to look at and compare how many I know of or have read. I wonder if they can get that number to 400 with the 4 part series coming out. 

What was your favorite thing this week?
Are you getting excited for the Olympics?
How many books on the Gilmore Girls list have you read?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

Comments (19)

    1. I can’t believe how close the actual Olympics are now! It will be awesome

  1. I am SO excited to watch gymnastics, and for my 2yo to watch her first summer olympics! Who doesn’t remember watching gymnastics as a little girl? So fun.

    1. Awww she will love it! I feel like there is nothing better than two weeks of the Olympics on TV!

  2. Enjoy these last few weeks before baby, they will go sooo fast! I can’t wait for swimming and gymnastics in the Olympics, they are so fun!

    1. Swimming will be filled with great competitions too! I’m excited for Track and Field as well!

  3. Great links! I need to check out all the best fries near me, and I also can’t wait to see how many of those books I read.

    1. I feel like a road trip is needed to check out all of the different fries! 🙂

  4. Fun post! Thanks for sharing. And, I’m with you on the Gilmore Girls thing. It bugs me that they couldn’t come up with at least a 340th one, but I’m excited that they have the chance to redeem themselves now. 😉

    1. I bet they wind up close to 400 by the time is done! I can’t wait to see the new series!

    1. Yes, I feel horrible for everyone involved. It needs to stop 🙁

  5. Wow I cannot believe that they referenced 339 books in Gilmore Girls. Rory is crazy! But I can’t wait for the new show to come out soon! Also the best french fries in every state? I am so down to hunt down every single one. Cool post!

    1. Yes! I know they referenced a lot of books throughout the series but 339 was crazy to me!

  6. What are French toast fries? I could eat French fries everyday with this pregnancy, but I have been controlling myself because I know it’s not the best option so hard though! We are going to Oahu next week so I will have to scope out their fries!
    xo, Nicole

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