Currently… In July

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As usual our summer has had a lot going on and a lot of running around. While it gets pretty busy, the trade off is usually a pretty quiet winter so I don’t always mind. This year it has been filled with parties (4 down, 2 to go), weddings (1 down, 2 to go, 4 we more than likely will miss) & as much time as a family of three as possible while we get ready for our new little guy. 

Oh and there is the getting the nursery ready, washing baby clothes & trying to explain to Little Man that his baby won’t play trains just quite yet when he comes. 

Currently In July

I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Outside of the busy weekends, during the week we try and catch up on life, sleep and a little bit of everything else. 

Currently I Am 

Weeks Pregnant: 32 (almost 33). 

Organizing: Baby clothes! I finally got all of Little Man’s stuff out and have been doing baby laundry nonstop. How is it all so little? 

Reading: Girl Boss. A Lot of people have recommend this book over the years and I picked it up during Amazon Prime Day last week. I’m barely a chapter in but liking it so far. 

Shamelessly Addicted To Watching: Olympic Trials for the most part. Honestly I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately so I’m even behind on The Bachelorette. I am counting the days until Rio though and can’t wait to watch as many Olympic events as possible. 

Rocking Out To: Spotify. I finally caved at their ad and decided to try the 3 months of premium. It’s about all I listen to these days. 

Drinking: Water! I was told to try and get a gallon a day and in 4 weeks I’ve missed ONE day… by 8oz. Stop, drop and chug has a whole new meaning lately. 

Obsessively Eating: Watermelon. I seriously cannot get enough. For the most part with this baby my cravings haven’t lasted too long. Unlike with Little Man where all I ate for 6 months was Eggo waffles, Watermelon is the first to stick for more than a week. At this point I’ve been eating at least a watermelon a week and I have regrets. 

Loving The Fact That: We can be outside at night. While the humidity and heat tends to draw me away from wanting to be outside, it’s nice to sit out in the yard with Little Man while he plays. 

Wearing: Maxi Skirts & Tank Tops. At night I’m LOVING my new PRO Compression socks. Yup, I’m stylin. 

Knitting: I have a gift for a friend that I’m finishing up (way too slowly) and then back to my favorite pair of Monkey Socks. 

Planning For: Our family “Christmas in July” next week. Two out of three of our (bigger) summer parties are over and we are working on organizing Christmas in July for next week. It will be so nice to see everyone! 

Working Out: Barely, but when I can I’ve been hitting the treadmill for some walking. I do feel like 90% of my working out has come from cleaning in the last few weeks. 

Enjoying: Sitting. Does that sound horrible? I love just sitting outside and having conversations with Little Man lately. 

Feeling: Tired, energetic, anxious, emotional, etc. Basically hormones.

What are you currently up to in July?  

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. My husband developed a really bad case of shingles while we were in Europe in June and he is still recovering. He had to cancel a couple of camping trips this month while he recoups. Hopefully we will be on the lake this weekend!
    Carmen Baguio recently posted…A Day in New Braunfels, TexasMy Profile

    1. Summer has been so fun but busy. Looking forward to some relaxing!

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