Friday Link Love & Other Random Thoughts

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TGIF! We (almost) have made it through another week. I don’t know about you, but this week has been odd for me. In my head I’ve been extra motivated but when I sit down to write my brain just draws a blank. Part of me blames the weather yet part of me blames the lack of schedule on Baby B’s part. Then again, is life ever normal with kids?

On the upside, Baby B slept all the way through the night earlier this week. I had so much energy the next day I really didn’t know what to do with myself. Speaking of Baby B, we officially have a crawler in the house. He’s been there for a few weeks but quickly figured out that he could act like an inch worm or roll to the other side of the room. He is now officially into everything and has made it his goal to get the dog dishes before we catch him.

Little Man has been loving the short bursts of time outside when we can get them. Unfortunately it hasn’t quite been warm enough to get all of our Spring activities in yet. I can’t be the only parent who sent their kids outside to play with squirt guns in a Winter coat the other night, can I?

Kids aside, I’m enjoying my favorite coffee (Turtles in a Cup) so let’s chat about some links I’ve found this week for you.

Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love

At one point, my co-workers and I decided we needed to try every new type of Oreo that came out. Our research would tell you to stick with the original Oreos or the S’mores Oreos. Do everything in your power to avoid the Watermelon Oreos. Thanks to our previous research I have been incredibly excited about the two new types of Oreos announced this week. The Fireworks Oreos sound like so much fun and a MUST HAVE for our Fourth of July party this year.

As if I wasn’t excited enough about the Fireworks Oreos, they announced later in the week that they’re dropping another new type of Oreo for the summer… waffle flavored Oreos! My favorite food turned into a cookie!

It’s no secret that one of my favorite things to do is learn new things, especially when it comes to marketing. After many bloggers recommended the Ultimate Blogging bundle I decided to give it a try. I’ve been loving reading through the eBooks and courses they have to offer. Not all of them are relevant but it was 100% worth it for the ones that were. One eBook I have been getting a lot of use out of was the Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing. This book has been recommended by more than one blogger. If you are looking to grow your Facebook page without paying for ads, go pick up a copy NOW!

It is no secret that we LOVE college basketball in our house. Nigel Hayes, a basketball player from Wisconsin wrote his own version of a commencement speech. I think all student athletes AND college fans should read it. He gave us a great reminder that they are more than just athletes.

If you are at all interested in Essential Oils, hop on over to The Ultimate Bundles page before Monday the 22nd! They have a huge Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle going on sale right now! You guys, it’s 93% off the overall value!

Blogs I Loved This Week

As always I have been enjoying catching up on my favorite blogs over a cup of coffee. I always love seeing what is going on in their lives and there have been some great posts this week.

  1. Being Your Own Boss, Rising Strong After a Fall & The Business of Blogging
  2. Laundry Hacks Everyone Needs To Know
  3. Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  4. How To Make Quest Bar Cookies

How was your week?
Was it a weird one?
What type of Oreo are you most excited about this Summer?

Friday Link Love & Other Random Thoughts

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. I’m always happy to share! I loved the post! The 4th of July is hands down the most prepared for holiday in our house. These Oreos better live up to the hype!

  1. Love this roundup! I will probably always stick to double stuff oreos. Can’t go wrong with those! ? I’m going to check out the Facebook strategies ebook!

  2. Waffle Oreos do sound pretty tasty, but I am partial to Mint Oreos! Although, oddly I prefer mint chocolate chip ice cream over mint Oreo ice cream. You and your hubby with College Basketball sound like my hubby and I with College Football! Maybe I will not to try a Waffle Oreo while watching College Football in the fall!
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