Half Marathon Training Day 2

Half Marathon Training Day 2
Half Marathon Training Day 2

Today’s run could not have been more opposite of yesterday’s run! My day was much calmer & I even got some incredibly exciting news about my new baby niece!

Needless to say it was a much better run tonight. Day 2 of our half marathon training plan said 30 minutes easy run. I had just the route picked out and I thought it might take me a little over 30 minutes but I didn’t really mind.

Apparently my body had other ideas. “Easy” today for me was pacing at 8:40! My fastest mile was 8:31 and it felt sooo good!

3.5 Miles - Splits
3.5 Miles – Splits

Overall I ran 3.5 miles in just over 30 minutes. Not bad for an “easy” run.

I felt like having a mismatched run tonight. Actually, the only pair of pants I had clean were my purple Old Navy Compression Pants so I decided to change it up and throw on a bright green top. I stood out at least!

How was your workout today?

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