Half Marathon Training, Week 1 – Check!

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Today’s run is brought to you by advice: don’t try a new fish recipe before you run! Oops.

Anyways, let’s back up. Today is the last day of week one of half marathon training. Yay!!!! 15 weeks to go. Today’s plan for our “long run” was “10 minutes brisk walk, 20 minute easy, 10 minutes brisk walk”. I decided to take the “brisk walk” as a slower paced run. To be honest the whole run was fairly slow paced!

Half Marathon Training Week 1
Half Marathon Training Week 1

I tried to make baked lake perch for dinner tonight. Normally I don’t have a problem running in the evening, but the perch didn’t settle right. My stomach felt very heavy (the opposite of how fish normally makes me feel!) the whole run.

Overall I ran 4.44 miles in 40:29. My two middle miles were around 8:45 and the rest of the run was around 9:10 or so. I slowed way down at the end but forced myself to pick it up the last two minutes, something I try to do in all of my runs regardless of how bad I feel.

I’ve decided I really need to be better about getting my butt moving on Sunday (or Saturday) mornings and getting my run in then. The humidity kicked my ass tonight along with the fish.

On a totally different note, I hit my 1,000 mile badge from FitBit. Go me! I started using my FitBit in mid February so I would say that’s pretty decent, somewhere around 6 months and walking/running 1,000 miles!

One thing I keep telling myself, there will be good days and bad days…. here’s to a better week of runs with not feeling as rough as I did this past week! Maybe my week off wasn’t a good idea? Hmmmm.

What are your goals this week?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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