Cross Training Week One

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With half marathon training officially kicking off this week one of the large parts of the program is cross training. I’ll be switching up different parts of cross training throughout the course of the next 4 months. Some nights it simply will be a longer walk with my little man & other nights it will be at home YouTube videos. Who knows what else will come up!

Cross Training Day 1
Cross Training Day 1

Since cross training won’t be nearly as exciting as running (because it’s true) I figured I’d loop it all into one weekly post.


For schedule reasons Monday’s are pretty much the hardest days to cross train. I decided that my cross training today would be a walk with the little man. We were heading up to watch my husband play softball so we added an extra mile to our walk up to the softball fields, making it just over 2 miles. On our way home we did just the mile back. We try and keep a decent pace while enjoying talking about “booms” (fireworks) and “vrooms” (cars) we see on our way. Overall I had about 45 minutes of “walking” for cross training.


Tuesday was supposed to be a run, but I swapped Tuesday & Wednesday for training due to scheduling. After a nice walk with the little man (2.5 miles) I decided it would be an abs day. Back during our weight loss competition at work I had tried a few different Jillian Micheal’s DVDS that were available on YouTube. I didn’t hate myself afterwards so I thought I’d try her 6 Week 6 Pack on YouTube. The last few Jillian Micheals workouts I have done I didn’t feel too terrible after. In the middle of a set of burpees I pretty much decided I would never survive a day on the Biggest Loser Ranch. Ha! Needless to say, I’m on my way to a six pack…. Maybe?


Originally I was going to flip Friday and Saturday and make my Pilates day Friday night, but as of super late Thursday night I have a new baby niece soooo I opted to take Friday as a rest day and spent the evening snuggling her instead of Pilates. Totally worth it 🙂

This morning the little man and I did a Pilates program I found on Xfinity ondemand. It was Pilates Beginner with Tonya Nettles. I must say if you are doing Pilates, don’t try it with a 16 month old! He kept trying to sit on me.

All but the walking was a new exercise to me. Did you try anything different this week?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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