Half Marathon Training – Week Three

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Oh what a week it has been. The fact that I managed to get one cross training & three runs in for my half marathon training actually surprise’s me at this point. I 100% took advantage of the schedule offering me two rest days this week. I needed the time with family so opted to take it.

After a week filled with a funeral, Friday we were heading down to Kentucky for my cousin’s wedding. It was much, much needed so I knew there was a slim chance I would get my long run in once we left. I decided to get up early on Friday morning and knock it out.

Long Run - Half Marathon Training

One thing I really love about my Garmin is that I can load up the half marathon training plan into it. Instead of having to pay attention to see when I get to 1:15, it just tells me by beeping. I also like that right now it does not show the distance on the screen unless I tell it to. While normally I like to see how far I’m going I feel like that would influence me too much and the training plan and I would instantly breakup out friendship.

Friday’s workout was:
– Jog 10 minutes
– Run 30 minutes
– Jog 5 minutes
– Run 30 minutes
– Cool down

I opted to skip the cool down (it tells you to go as long as you would like) based on time & needing to hit the road. I did stretch though. I was pretty impressed with my pace & mileage. I felt pretty good the entire run so decided to keep it up.

The weather was 100% perfect & if every day could be like that, I would LOVE it! It was around 65 degrees & just the right amount of breeze when I needed it.

After way too much (yet very much needed) family fun this weekend (and 10+ hours in the car with a toddler) I was ready to get out and do a little run this evening. The last of the runs I had from last week was the “sprint workout”.

Half Marathon Training - Short Run

This workout was:

– Jog 10 minutes
– 2 minutes 80% | 1 minute ‘rest’ | Repeat 5 times
– Cool down as long as needed

Based on the route I took tonight I wound up taking the cool down for 7ish minutes.

Funny story though. I specifically took a route that did not involve crossing as many streets knowing that the option to stand and wait for cars would screw me somewhere along the 2 minute line. I didn’t factor in that my very first sprint would come at more or less the very start of the two biggest hills we have in town. Needless to say I pulled off a 7:40 minute mile for 2 full minutes while doing hills.

Yea, that was a workout.

Overall I felt a lot better after the workout than I thought I would. I really was horrible about eating & water this weekend so I was pretty impressed with myself for not puking. Victory?

Half Marathon Schedule

The only cross training I got in last week was a walk one day and Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack. Not the best, but I will take it considering the amount of traveling & family events we had going on.

I can’t believe July is almost over. The half marathon is exactly 3 months from yesterday, eeek!!! I’m excited!

How was your weekend?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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