Happy Father's Day!


Pick up the kid.

Make dinner.

Mow the lawn.

Watch the kid.

Take the garbage out.

Fix the pipe in the basement.

Paint the bathroom.

Clean the garage.

Whose turn is it for an ice cream run?

Day in and day out you take care of us! We come up with trouble & you put up with us. Thank you for taking care of us and we want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Enjoy your “break” of a day that involves painting, chasing little man around the house, watching Turbo & playing basketball. We love you!

Chobani Flip is challenging all of us with their new #BreakYouMake project to recognize someone in our life who deserves a break, and I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate than my husband! Head on over to www.breakyoumake.com and nominate the person in your life who needs a break!


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