Plum Spooky (Stephanie Plum: Between the Numbers) by Janet Evanovich

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Plum SpookyCarl the Monkey is back and so is Stephanie’s best friend Diesel as Trenton gets “spooky” in Plum Spooky. As far as I can tell this is the last in the “Between the Numbers” series. If you have been skipping the half books, you haven’t missed a whole lot up until now. There are a few details that these books fill in but for the most part you are okay with out reading these. Of the four Between the Numbers books, this one was hands down my favorite.

Diesel is back and not long after he shows up, Stephanie finds out that she is babysitting Carl the Monkey (a friend she made in Fearless Fourteen). Morelli is stuck babysitting his brother who was kicked out of the house by his wife while Stephanie and Diesel are on a hunt for an unmentionable Wulf and a boy genius named Martin Munch who are trying to conquer the world.

Lula and Tank continue discussing their wedding, which in the end gets called off after Tank decides to adopt 3 cats. It turns out, Lula is allergic to cats and Tank decided he likes the cats better than Lula. In dealing with their breakup, Lula joins forces with Stephanie and Diesel (along with Carl the Monkey) and work to rescue a hippie named Gail who is being held by Wulf.

It wouldn’t be a Stephanie Plum novel without cars exploding, Ranger saving Stephanie & situations that result in Stephanie getting locked up in a remote location with no access to the outside world. In the end Stephanie has to thank an unexpected friend who saves the day.

“What did you do?”
“Blew up a fuel depot, stole twelve rockets and made off with them in a stolen van, got kidnapped by a maniac, and had dinner with a guy who farted fire.”
“That would be funny, but I’m worried it’s all true.”
“It’s been a long couple days.”
“Did he really fart fire?” Morelli asked.”

All in all this was my favorite of the Between the Numbers books. Plum Spooky was the first full length book and it was the most detailed out of the series. I’m still not a huge fan of Diesel but he was much more tolerable in this book than he has been in the past books. He added a line of humor that hadn’t been there before as well as constantly pushing Stephanie’s sanity.

One thing I liked about this book is that it actually contained most of the main characters throughout the book. We got to see Morelli and Ranger throughout the book as well as a lot of help from Lula. The other Between the Numbers books didn’t keep us up to date with the other characters very much, they mainly focused on Stephanie and Diesel.

I didn’t quite figure out the part about the spooky in the title except for a few mentions of the Jersey Devil. I had thought the book was going to be set at Halloween but the closest to costumes we got were the Easter Bunny and the Sasquatch.

In my opinion Plum Spooky was better than Fearless Fourteen which was an okay book but definitely towards the bottom of my list of favorites. I am not sad to see Diesel go but these were nice quick reads as the book series progressed. If you are going to read any of the Between the Numbers…. head over and pick up Plum Spooky now!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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