Happy National Running Day 2014

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Today is National Running Day and out if done anger yesterday I didn’t blog, so in honor of National Running Day I have two days of running to share.

National Running Day 2014

So. Yesterday. Ugh. I mentioned the other night that I finally ordered a real running watch. This watch has awesome reviews and looks like the be all end all of running watches… The Garmin Forerunner 220 (make sure to use the voice from A Christmas Story as you read that). My watch arrived Monday but my schedule prevented me from trying it out. Last night the little man went to bed and I was super anxious to get my watch out. Everything was setup the night before so I was ready to go. Unfortunately…. the watch was not. Something happened and it was not even turning on. After a bit of troubleshooting I decided something was not right and I was off for a quick 4.06 mile run.

My trusty $9.95 Casio watch kept me company and out of anger I had the best four mile run I’ve had in FOREVER.

I was rockin’ my new #operationloveyourself shirt from the awesome Finally Alive After 25. Oh and Old Navy Compression pants. I’m OBSESSED.

National Running Day!

National Running Day

Originally I was not going running today. My goal is usually running about 4 times a week. I missed my long run this past weekend so I thought I would wind up going Tuesday/Thursday/Friday this week and do 4 miles each time. Well then I saw it was National Running Day and I decided I’d see how my night played out.

This week has been a week where I cannot get enough chocolate. There is not enough chocolate in the world to satisfy my craving (no I am not pregnant) and today really turned into one of those days. A friend of mine and I decided it was time to splurge on some afternoon Dairy Queen Blizzard Cones. If you have not had one, stop reading and go buy one. After we got back a friend made me feel slightly guilty (in a 100% joking way) about inhaling my cone. We got into a discussion about how much you had to run to burn off the blizzard cone so that turned into my motivation for the night.

I decided I was going to run until the treadmill said I burned 590 calories. In my head I knew that would be somewhere around 5.83 miles. From there I decided whats another .37 and opted for a 10 instead. So I ran a 10k.

Happy National Running day folks. How did you celebrate?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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