Homeless Shelter & Gymnastics

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Wow, I just had an experience that changed my life. I mean, seriously. It was a real eye opener. My church just went to serve lunch at a homeless place. Where people come in for lunch every day. It was so incredibly sad. The people there were so thankful that we came.

As we were getting ready to leave this guy told us to stop and listen to him sing. He wanted to sing a song for us. The first song was called Thank You. He had written it himself. By the end a lot of us had tears in our eyes. He said that he wrote it last night and dedicated it to us. The he sang a song called “If You Don’t Praise Him” he had a wonderful voice. He told us his CD was coming out in May. We were all kind of like, cool.

If you ever get a chance to help the homeless, do, it will not only make their day, but it could change your life.

Well I had a meet yesterday. I didn’t do so hot. I got my lowest floor score ever. 6.9. I got 9th on vault and 11th on bars. The floor was so incredibly hard. It hurt to tumble on it. The bars were the red bars (yuck). The vault was a new one, and the beam was cool. I was sick too. This was in Columbus Ohio. Our team got 5th (last) place. Anyway.

Week before I had a meet in Battle Creek Michigan. I did OK at that meet. I will get pictures back soon. I got 5th on vault, 5th on bars, and 12th overall. Not bad I guess. Team didn’t even place (20 teams, 18 placed) sad huh?


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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