Hot Six by Janet Evanovich

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Hot Six by Janet EvanovichWith High Five in the Stephanie Plum series ending in a little bit of a cliff hanger I had to start Hot Six very quickly the next day. It was a good thing I had nothing planned for the day because I quickly finished Hot Six by the end of the day Sunday.

In Hot Six, we reveal the mystery man that Stephanie had invited over to her apartment as High Five ended. As per Stephanie Plum’s life we still don’t get answers as to which boy she will stick with by the end of the book, although there is a shocking, yet funny, proposal.

We follow Stephanie on the hunt for her partner, Ranger who is also being hunted by the “other bounty hunter from hell” Joyce, someone Stephanie doesn’t get along with all that well. For once Joe Morelli and Stephanie seem to share their findings early on as they hunt down Alexander Ramos & Ranger who is wanted for killing Ramos’s son, Homer. Although, as usual, both in the end withhold key information from the other and cause more trouble than they expect to.

An interesting twist in this story is that Grandma Muzar decides that she is going to move in with Stephanie, JUST as Stephanie and her “mystery man” decide to pursue more of their relationship. As Grandma experiences her new found independence she decides to get her drivers license. Grandma ultimately decides to buy a red Porsche with money she has set aside instead of driving the Buick Stephanie loves to hate. Stephanie’s mother is less than thrilled (as usual) and puts the blame on Stephanie for not keeping her in line.

“The mother and daughter whose roles had reversed—Grandma gladly relinquishing parental responsibility, my mother grimly accepting the task, struggling to find a place for an old woman who’d suddenly become a strange hybrid of tolerant mother and rebellious daughter. My father, in the living room, not wanting any part of it.”Janet Evanovich Hot Six

Hot Six turned out to be my least favorite of the books so far. Not because there wasn’t action, drama, or humor but I felt like some of the other ones hit all of the higher points a lot better. Not to say that Hot Six wasn’t a great book, I just reserved my fifth star and stuck with only four stars for this one.

I still highly recommend the Stephanie Plum series and am telling you that you need to go pick up One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, No. 1) right now…and join me in this insane series.

This book was my “book with mystery” for the 2015 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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