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Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel

One of the main reasons I have loved the 2015 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge is that it has forced me to step away from my “cheesy romance novels” and try out books that I wouldn’t normally read. One of the prompts was “a graphic novel” and I struggled trying to come up with one to read. I happened to wander around the Toledo Public Library while little man was playing one weekend and I was surprised to find just how many graphic novels were out there.

Growing up I was a HUGE Baby-sitters Club Fan. What grade school girl didn’t want to start her own Baby-sitters Club? One of the last book series I expected to see as a graphic novel was The Baby-sitters Club, but they exist! What a great way to encourage grade school kids to read more.

I picked up a copy of Mary Anne Saves The Day to check it out. Graphic novels really are not my favorite type of book but it made for a fun little read. It took me about an hour to read start to finish, but I could see how this would be wonderful for a grade school girl who is struggling to read. It also gives younger kids a little bit of a chance to catch up with their older siblings who might love the Baby-sitters Club.

While I didn’t have the two books to compare, I do not believe it was word for word what was in the original Mary Anne Saves The Day. The story line was identical (as far as I remember) and I think the text was just shortened to go along with the illustrations.

All Baby-sitter’s Club Books tell a story and come with a lesson. I have been anxious for my nieces to hit the age where they can read and enjoy The Baby-sitters Club books like I do. They have a few more years before they are ready for the full length books, but I already feel like as soon as they hit grade school they would be ready to read these.

Babysitter’s Club Graphic Novels:

Kristy’s Great Idea – Baby-sitters Club Graphix #1
The Truth About Stacy – Baby-sitters Club Graphix #2
Mary Anne Saves The Day – Baby-sitters Club Graphix #3
Claudia & Mean Janine – Baby-sitters Club Graphix #4

I think these are a wonderful way to encourage grade school kids to read even if they hate reading. The pictures made this book a lot of fun and the words were at an easy enough level that they could power through it.

Not only are some Baby-sitters Club favorites available in graphic novel format, I recently discovered that some of my favorite Nancy Drew books are too!

What is your favorite graphic novel?
How do you encourage grade school kids to read?
Who is your favorite member of the Baby-sitters Club?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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