Slowly But Surely

I’m trying to push myself a little more each day! Slowly but surely finding a way to do it… Now to get the weight off!

Weight update: I’m down about 4 pounds since mid December but almost a full percentage in body fat… So I feel like progress is being made. I’m also finding out that running is getting a little easier.

Sporting: Blue Tekgear top and Jockey Capris

Rockin Out To: LMFAO

Elliptical: 7 minutes, 70 calories

Treadmill: 24.5 minutes and 2.25 miles!!!

Rows: 5 minutes, 50 calories

Incline sit-ups: 2×10 with a 5.5lb weight at 1×10 with no weight

Butt bench: 2×25 I feel like this one still isn’t getting easier!!

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