So Long Smash Cake #Fail

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I was told (by my mom) to remember that “you are not a pinterest mom.” In my head I knew this to be true, but I also had grand ideas for my son’s first birthday party. While the decorations will be mostly Party City and the food will be far from “awesome” in display, I had a few cute ideas for his upcoming “block party” (full post coming later).

My “grand” idea was his smash cake. In my mind a perfect little smash cake would be a square block with the number one and his initials around the sides. Easy as pie right? (I’ve never made pie for the record). After looking for awhile on Google, Pinterest, etc. I never found a simliar cake. I thought, of course I can do this. After talking to a few co-workers we decided the easiest plan was to bake two 8 inch cakes (one box of cake), layer them, and then cut the sides off to form the block. Simple, right?

Sunday night the cake was baked, layered and cut. Leave it to me to forget the frosting, the only thing we had gone to Target for that afternoon.

Last night I made the grand attempt at frosting our trial run of this block cake. I have no cake decorating experience but who can’t frost a cake, right?

Pinterest Fail

Apparently, me.

Somewhere along the line my cake crumbled… it crumbled so much that it looked like little man had already smashed it.

Needless to say, I am not a pinterest mom. No matter how hard I try.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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