Knitting Up Christmas Traditions

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Every family has at least one holiday tradition. I hope at least. While my family has a variety of Christmas traditions that range from when I was a kid to new ones formed in recent years. Every year there is a set of stockings that hangs above our fireplace with all of our names on them. My grandmother knit them all for us at some point or another. They don’t match in color, but they match in design. Each of our families has a set of them and each of the grand-kids got a stocking.

Since my grandmother passed away in 2001, the stockings had been put on hold. There hadn’t been any new kids to the family so it wasn’t a huge deal. A few years ago I asked my aunt and uncle if they knew what had happened to the stocking pattern. I was just getting into knitting and wanted to make sure we still had it somewhere. They were able to find it and mailed it off to me at college. While there wasn’t anyone to add, I had them for when we would need them.

In the last two years we have added two great-grand-kids to the family. My cousins welcomed a little girl and a little boy into the family. For Christmas this year I knit up their two stockings using Red Heart. They don’t match necessarily in color to some of the older ones, but they aren’t supposed to, each generation has a slightly different shade of colors and as the years go on they will fade to.

Adrienne and Josiah’s Stockings:

Christmas Stockings

What are your holiday traditions?


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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