A Little Bit Of Life Lately

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Why, Hello There. 

Guess what, I didn’t actually disappear off the face of the Earth. It just seems like it. I didn’t intentionally stop posting as often as I had been but for various reasons the blog has taken a backseat to life lately. Some of these reasons, I’m not quite ready to talk about here. Other reasons are simply because I’ve been out and about and a little bit busy catching up from it lately. Plus, there’s been a lot of basketball on TV. 

Let’s catch up a bit. 

Little Man Turned Three

I guess I never really mentioned on here that my little man is officially three years old. I don’t often give updates on his age and life accomplishments but let’s just say we managed to drag his birthday out for a week thanks to the stomach flu that ran through our house. 

He turned three at the end of February and is very quickly going on 15 with some of his opinions, although not with his use of the potty. If we thought teething was bad, potty training has been a whole new level of frustration. 

Needless to say, we now have a little kid running around our house and he keeps us entertained every single day. From comments like “My daddy said…” (even if he didn’t) to “just three minutes” when he wants a snuggle at night it is hard to resist laughing at him even when we shouldn’t. 

First I Headed Down To Florida

Originally before I left for Florida, I had it in my mind that I would have a few posts planned before I left and it would be like I was never gone. Now I look back and am laughing at myself. Didn’t happen. With that being said, last weekend I hopped on a plane and headed down to Florida to spend a girls weekend with my mom. 

Siesta Key Florida Sunset

It has been a few years since I’ve been down there and the last time the boys went with me. For various reasons they stayed behind this time so we made it into a girls weekend filled with knitting, a little bit of shopping at the yarn store, walks to the beach and sitting in the sun. 

I flew in late on Thursday night and we were able to get up and go Friday morning. If you have never been down to Siesta Key I highly recommend adding it to your list of places to check out. There are lots of people who spend the Winter down there but a short trip will also let you see the sights. Nothing beats the beautiful white beach down there. Plus, there is a lot of good food down there. 

We managed to sneak in a sunset down at Turtle beach on Friday night which turned out to be a good thing because by Monday when we got to the beach they had torn up most of it trying to fix some of the erosion going on. Needless to say, the sunset we caught was beautiful. 

It was a quick but fun trip. I got a lot of knitting done and we had a lot of girl time. Worth a quick weekend away! 

Then There Was a Blackhawks Game

Two days after I got back from Florida I hit the ground running for another late night by heading to the Chicago Blackhawks game with my office. I’ve never been to the Blackhawks before and I was incredibly excited to see the pre-show (and the hockey). 

Hands down it was a bucket list item to cross off seeing Jim Cornelison sing the National Anthem. It is an experience in itself and worth the ticket even if you don’t watch hockey. 

Blackhawks Celebrate St. Paddy's Day

Overall the night was a blast and we had a good time with everyone celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little bit early. Thursday was a little bit of a rough day at work, but yet again, it was worth it. 

Of Course There Is Basketball

This past weekend kicked off March Madness and we spent a good deal of the weekend watching basketball. There is only one sport that overall we agree on in our house and it is college basketball. We love this time of the year and have a blast watching our brackets get shredded to pieces (thanks Michigan State). 

I am still bitter about Valpo getting screwed out of a bid in the tournament but I’m loving watching them rock the NIT. Tomorrow night they take on St. Mary’s and I’m so excited (and nervous) to watch the game. 

Indiana is my husbands school and back when we first started dating I very quickly fell in love with all of the traditions behind their basketball team. This weekend was no different as we had a very tense evening watching them take on (and beat) Kentucky in the second round of the tournament. Can I just say, that that should have been a final four game, NOT A SECOND ROUND GAME! Both teams were great but the Hoosiers put up the win for a trip to the Sweet Sixteen. 

The only downside to March Madness is it means that pretty soon there will be no more basketball on TV. That means the countdown to Rio is on! 

What is going on in life with you?

Anything exciting happen for St. Patrick’s Day? 

How busted is your bracket? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. March Madness time already? Wow! The year is flying by for me! Awesome that you’re a knitter. Do you also crochet?

    1. It is flying by so fast! I’m not a crocheter but I do a lot of knitting to make up for it!

  2. Happy birthday to your little guy! My twins will be turning 4 in May, and we still are revolting against the potty. Ugh. Your Florida trip sounded wonderful. I’m a little bummed with March Madness because my team went out in the first round…AZ.

    1. yea I think a lot of people lost their teams in the first round this year. So many upsets! Potty training is rough 🙁

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